Random craziness I see on my run route #1

Random craziness I see on my run route #1

I love my run route! I am fortunate enough to live on the South coast of England close to a 4.5km stretch of promenade. Every day I see something different: a group of pensioners practicing tai chi on the lawns, squaddies dragging tires up and down the shingle beach, couples dancing on the pavilion or sometimes, if I am lucky, youths making death defying leaps as they practice their parkour moves over walls and railings.

Today I saw this lovely lot attempting a world record distance conga for mamayouthproject.org.uk I think they had covered about 7 miles at this point and were looking pretty puffed out. They still managed to smile for the camera though.

I wonder what I shall see tomorrow?

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  • Haha! Not quite like me running in the Black Country :)

  • I am sure that the Black Country has it's charms 90ldfinch :)

  • The Tai chi sounds good to me ☺

  • Slow_Rob Yes! I am tempted to join them.

  • Me too. I've been thinking about doing tai chi for a while now with the view to it being something you can keep up with if age or ill health mean you can't do a lot of other things anymore. I am sure it is great in its own right too. Love those pics from China, showing huge groups of people doing tai chi together in the mornings. I'd have trouble re,embering the long moves though and that's really why I haven't tried it. I don't think it is taught piecemeal but the whole long move at once. Frankly I'd be lost

  • It is good... very, very, calming.... and very, very, slow...I enjoy doing it. In fact, it is probably much more suitable for old fogies like me, than this running lark.... but not half as much fun :)

  • Oldfloss I did a bit of Tai chi in my younger days and I happen to know that all those pensioners are really secret ninjas!

  • Ahha! My secret is out!!!! :)

  • I have not yet run on a sea front. It's on my to-do list 😊

    You always see sommat different when you go out for a run

  • misswobble yes indeed! I am a people watcher more than anything and I just love the whole cross section of life I get to see along the seafront, but I bet a run in da wilds would be just as satisfying.

  • Guessing game? Brighton/Hove then

  • Eastbourne?

  • Running wild is brilliant.... this morning.. saw three pheasants, two squirrels and a large rabbit...None of then were doing Tai Chi though!

  • Where's that? Worthing? My auntie lives right on the front overlooking the sea there.. wonderful!😊

  • davelinks Close :)

  • Ha ha , I found myself looking at their running shoes ! One of my little obsessions :-)

    That looks fun, I think I would have had to join in for a bit ! :-) xxx

  • I saw a lady at a filling station with lovely ones , black base colour with bright flowers but still proper running shoes! Was eyeing them up when before I wouldn't have even noticed!

  • Ooh nice

  • Strange tag for such a light hearted post!

  • Ullyrunner haha! I noticed that too!

  • Love it! Good for them! I would love to be able to run by the sea - lucky you! That's one reson I am looking forward to the Great South Run in October.☺

  • Tai Chi is ace... us pensioners love it! :)

    This lot look really happy...if you are going to do something, then make it fun!

    What interesting things you see!!!! :) I did a post way back, on what kind of thing people saw on their runs..it was..hmm... interesting! :)

  • Great photo! Never see anything like that when I'm out running unfortunately. Hope they cracked the record.

  • If you are on the fringe, where I think you are, May is the time of year you will see most sights!

  • Slowstart Yup, you got it ;P I saw some interpretive dance going on the other evening, but sadly I did not have my camera.

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