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I had bit of a rough time running yesterday due to being absolutely parched. I ran 40 min. on Monday (longest yet, woo hoo), but only managed 30 yesterday. Both days were relatively cool for Ohio this time of year, the only difference being that the sun was shining nice and bright yesterday. It dried my throat right up.

I always drink plenty before the run. And, I also bring along some gum which helps. I've seen water bottles with hand straps, but it just seems like they would be awkward to carry the whole time. The hydration backpacks seem like they would be overkill for such short runs (I'm a little self conscious about looking like a Ghostbuster, too).

I was wondering how everyone stays hydrated in the warmer weather?


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  • Personally, I feel perfectly comfortable carrying the type of water bottle in the linky below. we are all different though.


  • I have the same as Dunder , I take it with me on all of my runs now as I had a bad experience on a 10k on a very hot sunny day and its made me a bit over cautious now .

    I have got really used to carrying it now and hardly notice Ive got it .

  • Oh, that's brilliant! Thanks. That seems a lot less awkward. All of the water bottles I looked at seemed a bit wide to keep your hand wrapped around the whole time.

  • As Dunder2004 and poppypug , I carry the bottle.. if I can manage it, and not come to grief, I think you would be fine... :)

  • I have a bottle just like that too- I call it a doughnut bottle! Only holds 300ml but it's enough and not heavy x

  • The problem is that hydration is not something you "fix" before or during a run; maintaining a good hydration is a daily habit that spans for the entire day, whether you are going to run or not.

    You can carry all the water you want but, for a 40 minutes run, all it will do is filling your stomach with no real effect on hydration.

  • I understand what you mean, Secan. I do try to drink plenty of fluids throughout the day as well. Perhaps I worded that poorly. No so much a hydration problem I guess, but my mouth gets so dry it affects my breathing (along with everything else). I have trouble breathing through my sinuses too, the mouth breathing certainly doesn't help matters.

  • Can give you a bit of a sore throat with open mouth as well, the water bottle looks favourite, I'm getting some...

  • Even the doughnut bottles are too broad for my titchy little hands and are too uncomfortable to carry, so my answer when it was very hot was to strap a small bottle to the palm of my hand using a wrist sweatband. I don't really need to drink, just wet my mouth or take a sip of cool water so a 150/200ml bottle is perfect.

    My other trick, as I've mentioned previously, is to put a cold wet flannel into a ziplock plastic bag which goes into my capri or shorts pocket - ideal for cooling the face and arms, and any other part of the anatomy that can be reached without getting arrested...

  • I use a Nike Lean 6oz hand held bottle;

    £4.99 on sport shoes.com - but I bought mine from a local run shop. - I can slip my key or gel / whatever, within the outer cover which also absorbs hand sweat and maintain a relaxed hand because no grip is needed & It fits snugly into the size of my palm. It's a very handy little thing!

  • Thanks for the suggestions everyone. Time to go shopping!

  • I use a small belt based bottle, I have a running belt with room for two bottles but I use one of the holders to hold my phone. I find that I get a gunky feel at the back of my throat, and taking a few sips solves this. It is a karrimor belt with a 170 ml bottle.

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