Have tshirt, will run

Have tshirt, will run

Picked up start number and tshirt today for Saturday's race. It was pretty crowded but everyone was friendly and in good spirits. Met some lovely people and had a nice chat whilst waiting. The atmosphere was great so if the race is going to be similar, I'm really looking forward to it :) I was advised to get the tshirt big because they're quite tight but it is actually a bit on the big side for someone with my petite frame. Still I like them loose. Hey ho, let's go!!!!


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37 Replies

  • Oooh I'm so excited Sandra and I'm not even running it! That's a fab colour and it matches my face exactly after a fast run! Just think of all of us cheering you along the route (we'll be the really rowdy lot 😊), you'll be fab and I can't wait to read all about it and see the bling.

  • Oh thanks :) I'm really looking forward to it now. It was such a nice atmosphere there this morning, met some great people and was given recommendations for other upcoming runs. I'm all excited now

  • Yay! Bet its feeling pretty real now! Good luck☺!

  • Hopefully I don't do something stupid like twist my ankle tomorrow. I was starting to feel a bit nervous but now I'm excited in a positive way. Looking forward to it. Don't think I'll manage a fantastic time like you but I'll be proud of myself if I can finish it. Already booked your next race?

  • You will love it I am sure! I was worried I would get injured or ill before mine too! We are all rooting for you - enjoy the occasion! Am going to enter the Great South Run in October(10miles😮) and a local trail 10k in September but am looking for another 10k locally before then if possible. Keep us posted!

  • Wow you are such a runner now! I am plodding along in your footsteps, so keep running. You are really inspiring me, you know:)

  • I reckon we're both doing pretty well Sandra☺

  • Woo Hoo Bop ! Its really real now you've got the Tshirt !

    That's a gorgeous colour btw , lovely !

    Good Luck , I am sure you will absolutely LOVE it.

    Realfoodieclub put up a BRILLIANT reply earlier to a post from someone asking what its like to run in a event , she describes it just perfectly. I found myself squeaking with excitement whilst I was reading it . I will see if I can find it .

    Give it your best shot Bops, we will all be rootin'and tootin' for you ! :-) xxx

  • Oh thanks popsy, you guys are just fantastic. I love the tshirt, it matches my shoes perfectly and a girl likes to be coordinated. Like IP says the face will probably match too!

  • Oh yes , you've got to wear the matching nail polish too , its the law !

    I am wearing an orange top and Sunday and doing my nails orange too !

    Last year, the ribbon colour on my medal matched my nail colour perfectly ! :-) xxx

  • Haha men will think we are bonkers!

  • I do it for every race now , its like a pre -race ritual , a Good Luck charm :-) xxx

  • Ooh yes I need a ritual!

  • Here it is , its on Yatesys post and its RFC's reply to jt24 :


    Hope it works , I'm not the worlds best at techy stuff :-) xxx

  • Thanks for that. It did work and what a great post that is. I bet it makes everyone want to get out there and run a race.

  • Its great isn't it ? Just captures it all so perfectly xxx

  • It does. You can really hear how much she loves racing. Loving the whole vibe of that post. You must be all excited yourself. Big day Sunday and a get-together. And you worry when you're doing the programme that running will get stale on you!

  • Oh I really cant wait for Sunday, its just such a brilliant event . Hope you have a fantastic day on Saturday, Enjoy it ! :-) xxx

  • Thanks popsy, you too hun :)

  • Thank you xxx Cant wait to read your report xxx

  • Good luck boptillyoudrop49 ! I love your t-shirt❤️ I think You'll run your fastest in that😊

    Have a great day...arms up high at the finish x

  • Thanks Jaxsy. I was worried I was going to be intimidated and feel like a fake runner but now I am all excited and buzzing. If I don't run better in snazzy hot pink, is there any hope for me?! :)

  • ... you have got this one nailed....no feelings of worries nor intimidation because you will see, when you get there, that you are with like minded others - excited, nervous, happy runners...it's such an exciting day...I think it exceeds my Christmas Eves X

    Have a great day!

  • Thanks jaxsy. I love the support on this forum. I never would have entered a race if it wasn't for you fantastic bunch of runners

  • & You're so supportive of everyone here too... Thanks X ... Now just you sit back .... Until your race & enjoy the support right back... Feet up!

  • So excited for you...and loving the colour☺

    Go out there and strut your stuff and have an awesome time.

    i don't mind that I will never do this sort of thing....got amazing people like you doing it and I am able to live it with you!!

    Have a super.super day..☺

  • Floss, when I was picking up the tshirt, a threesome were in front of me : young woman in her 20s, mum and grandmother. They're all running together which I thought was super cool. If I were you and living in the UK, I think I'd try a park run. Especially when winter sets in it could be hard to keepmotivated and the park runs Siobhan posts about sound very friendly and inclusive.

  • You're pretty darn amazing yourself lady and thanks, I am looking forward to it now. I did wonder after registering if I hadn't got out of my depth but I think it is jzst a bit out of my comfort zone, which sometimes feels like the same thing!

  • Bop! Great! The colour your face will be at the end!😁 Have a great run!😊

  • Haha Dave :) you're right about that. I'll be like a hot pink beacon.

  • Would also match the colour of my wife's face(slinkylinky)after she's run!😁

  • GOOD LUCK for tomorrow!!!! Rock it over that finish line!!!!!x

  • Thanks floss :) All keyed up and ready to run now. We start with a salsa warm up. I like the sound of that.

  • Oh yes.... x

  • Are you the teeniest bit nervous or just really, really excited?

    I am excited for you.. and I am not even there:)

  • No, it is strange but tbe nervousness has gone completely. I lost it when I met some of the other runners and there was just this fantastic atmosphere of being with other people in a big happening. The only thing I'd still be worrying about would be getting there on time, finding where to go and needing the loo just befote the start. Otherwise I am honestly looking forward to it now.

  • You will be great..☺

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