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Cold, cough and no running!

Can't believe I'm saying this but I'm annoyed I can't run at the moment! Full up of summer cold and don't think running would be good either that or I'd look pretty silly carrying a box of tissues with me.

Still can't believe I'm annoyed at not running, never would of said that a few weeks ago. Thanks couch to 5k for changing my attitude to running. Hopefully it will go soon so I can get back on the running band wagon and start week 5!!

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My wife on w7 is just getting over a heavy cold, not run for a week until Monday, still coughing a bit but OK.. No need to get annoyed about it, just pickup where you left off!😊

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Top tip for avoiding colds/reducing severity of them......gargling with those zinc and vitamin c tablets that dissolve in water😀. Don't take all the time though, just when you're a risk at catching a cold or feel one coming on.


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