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Mind games

So I ve just done W4R1. I woke up and my first thought was I cant do that run today. I worked sat so Have a day off today I thought I ll walk the dog and warm up my legs ( someone on here posted about a longer warm up helps) all the time on the walk I though my legs felt heavy and achy after the walk I decided to do the run. I usually run in the evening as I already get up at 5:45 to getter animals done before work and just can't get up earlier but I thought I can't manage the gremlins all day so I ll try it now and if I fail then at least I ll know rather than bargaining all day with myself. So off I go the first 3 min run and I thought yep the gremlins are right I ve reached my ceiling them the walk and then a whole 5 mins run, yeah right then Laura said a min to go and I thought I'm doing it! And so it carried on. My son ha sorted out a play list and Rachael s fight song was strategically put at the last 5 min run and I though yeah there is a bit of fight left in me and yeah I am taking control of my life back. In the 5 min warm down I had the biggest grin on my face people must have wondered what I was listening to but it was just a yes I did it grin. So frome it's all about getting control of mind over my body which clearly can do it if the mind is strong enough. To everyone else having a go today have a good one and be mentally strong and the body will follow

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Well done :)

Building a wee defence against the bullying gremlins is a great achievement. Music choice really can make a difference.

How fabulous that you can now walk round for the rest of the day knowing it's all done and dusted.

Keep going :)


Good, good, good! So glad to hear you got the better of your self-doubts. Don't have em. Kick em into touch. It's far easier to just do the run than spend all day to-ing and fro-ing about should I or shouldn't I. I call it "mental tennis" Don't do it, it's just a waste of time.

This running lark will make you tougher in all departments. You'll be glad you took that run by the scruff of the neck - cos that's what you did - and wrang it out! Yeah baby! Bet that feels good. You can strut your power all day now.

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Amazing! Well done you! I'm to tackle the same run later today and am more than a little nervous about it! Seems like a big step up from last week! I'm hoping your post will help push me through - thank you!


Hi I think the key for me was going really slow on that first 3 mins to let my legs know what was happening I probably looked silly but I felt in control and by the end of the last 5 mins a had some left on the tank to lengthen my stride a bit which was nice. Good luck for later!


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