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V difficult Day 3 of Week 7

I finished Day 3 of Week 7 today (I'm slightly ahead of the programme, this is actually week 7 but I'm about to start Week 8). I ran Day 2 on Saturday and I could actually have kept going beyond 25 mins, I was in such good shape. Today though my legs were so sore and tired from virtually the beginning that it was a massive effort to get to the end. Anyone else had an issue like this? It was a bit disappointing, as Saturday's run left me feeling so good and wasn't difficult at all...

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This is literally the only time in the course I have thought, Oh God, I'm not gonna make this. Longer rest before next one maybe?


Hi Chris -

Firstly well done on making it through week 7. The first complete week of 3 long runs is a big achievement - I certainly thought so.

A few people here have had difficulties in weeks 7, 8 and 9 - my case the gremlins hit at week 8 run 3, and to a lesser extent (because I still finished the run) on week 9 run 3. Others said at the time that they needed more rest between these longer runs and I'd agree with that.

I think there's also a confidence issue - you have a couple of good runs and really believe you're cracking this running thing - then BANG you try and go faster, up too many hills, not rest enough and you have a "bad" run. Of course it's not really a bad run - it's a learning experience - but it doesn't feel like that at the time!

Keep on looking forward and you'll be graduating soon :-) Be sure to tell us about it!


Thanks for that :) I think I will give it three days until the next one! really Appreciate that feedback :)


Hi, I had exactly the same problem in W7 and again in W8 - the first 2 runs were brilliant but the 3rd was a nightmare - and you can't make sense of it, you've already completed it twice so the 3rd run should be a given right???

In week 7 I struggled to make it to 22 minutes and thought I had failed. Luckily the lovely people on here reminded me that 22 minutes was still something to be proud of and reassured me that I would get there.

I still don't know the reason why, at the time my schedule was all over the place and I was having to skip gym sessions and I thought that was the problem, but now I tend to think it is a bit of an adjustment thing - your body is having to contend with doing 3 long runs in a week and it may be a bit of a shock to the system - I wonder if the struggling is the body's way of saying 'Oi, what are you doing to me?'

W7R3 took me three attempts to complete and W8R3 took two attempts - the good news is that in comparison I sailed through W9 and graduated just over a week ago.

You have already shown you have the determination so I have no doubt you'll get through this and be telling us all about your graduation in no time :o)


Cheers Mcc, that is also very much appreciated. I'm a bit 'run down' (hey!) in general this week which no doubt didn't help - I've a bugger of a coldsore and generally feeling a bit erg.

I'm hoping to start Week 8 on Thursday, so wish me luck :)


Hi Chris. I find that there is no correlation between long rests and good runs. Sometimes I just have a bad run for no reason. I put it down to the run being difficult mentally on that day. Don't be disheartened after a bad run. Be proud of yourself and remember that the chances are the next run will be great!


Thanks K_Pax. I actually completed Week 8 Run 1 last night and it was fine, although I'm hurting today! I went to a podiatrist yesterday to check my gait was OK - it is, but he told me I'd been doing the wrong stretches and put me on a new regime, so hopefully that will help. I'm also getting a sports massage which he says will help. Only five more runs to go! :) (until the Park Run 5k I'm booked for that is...)


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