Finally Off the IC!

Good Day Folks,

It's been a wee while since I was on here last and furthermore since I last run. Well I'm happy to say that I am finally off the IC and managed to go out and run this morning.

Playing it safe I only went out for 15 mins and managed to get a run of 2km in. Needless to say my fitness levels are way out of the window. Back to 3x a week first for 15 mins, then 25, then 35.

Feeling a bit dissappointed now as I had wanted/planned to run home after work by the end of May early June, however I only have approx a months worth of running left before Ramadan begins. With nil by mouth between sunrise and sunset...I don't think i'll be running!!

Hope everyone is well, thanks for stopping by.


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  • You could run at sunrise during Ramadan. Or is that too tiring for the rest of the day? I fast 1 day a week and that's what I do - but I know there's a but of a difference between 1 day and a month! You eat after sunset though, don't you?

  • Glad you are feeling better...slow and steady is the only way back into it :)

    Could you do a short brisk walk each morning, maybe after you eat at sunset? Just to keep you motivated ! :)

  • Can't remember how long it lasts. I would still run, you will miss it otherwise, especially after so long on the IC. Just make your runs short and easy.

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