when you are wet you're wet!

So this morning, it was pouring! I know the country is wet but living in East Anglia I've only been out a handful of times in the rain since I started this!! I could hear the rain before i even peered out of the curtains! I was so tempted to go back to bed...but... the encouragement from reading this forum spurred me on! I could hear a myriad of voices saying go for it, and, when you are wet you're wet don't worry! So I did, pulled on the trainers and headed out the door with Laura telling me it'll be OK! (Yes i am still listening to Laura!) 40 minutes done and home for a hot shower and on with the day.

And yes I am glad I had the support of this forum cheering me out the door! Thank you

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  • Haha LauraLou yes it was wet this morning in Suffolk. I managed to find a gap between the raindrops at 11:30, joys of being my own boss. Isn't this running lark fun though x

  • Well done Laura. It is not always tempting to get out there but I bet you felt great after the shower.

  • Lovely to be able to get both wet and muddy with no one to tell us off, still feels kinda naughty - hope u warmed up! I am on a running rest day, so cycled and had wind, sleet, rain and multiple puddles, feet were like blocks of ice!!

  • Aww it was awful in Peterborough this morning so well done ... I would have seriously needed dynamite to get me out as I went from house to car and got drenched just doing that! Off out tonight but it's cold now ... might need to pinch hubs running gloves! ;-)

  • Peterborough - I'm in Deeping!

  • Haha I'm not sure why but since I've started I seem to have found the motivation to get out regardless of the weather. Have a sneaky feeling it's the thought of what everyone on here is posting that gives that motivation. It does feel good though when you finish!

  • Well done! You do feel slightly insane when you head out in the rain, but it's so invigorating and always worth it :-)

  • I'm glad someone else still listens to Laura...

  • yep! Graduated months ago but find she still keeps me going - Laura and Chris Evans!

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