A quick post! and beg!

I haven't been out for a run in 10 days... :(

My daughter had a little baby boy on the 3rd so we drove up to Blackburn to be with her for the birth and after- I took all my running gear, worked out some runs but it just didn't happen as with VERY little sleep and my whole routine out of sync, well it didn't happen.

Over the weekend we have been incredibly busy so- TODAY.....Back to work after 3 months off sick (stress and Depression of which running C25K and completing it helped immensely) so planning a run around 2 pm and it's precipitating down ! :(((((((((

i am telling myself, i HAVE ran in rain before. I CAN do it. ITS ONLY water, but arghhhhhh...

someone tell me off please for when I get back to run around 2pm


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23 Replies

  • Hello!! Listen!!! I have just been out in it for my first run outdoors EVER!!! So if chicken me can do it, you can!!! It was good!!!! Well when I managed to run more than one minute without almost having a cardic arrest it was! Go!!! You will feel great afterwards and it will all click again!

  • Thanks TL,

    Yes, I have finally been and YES, I FEEL GREAT! and better still, I actually enjoyed it :)

  • Aw fab stuff , that's the way SG. Now don't you feel better ? :-)

    I do sympathise I suffer with with depression and anxiety too , and although I have an occasional bad day, generally I feel that life is great and for living and I owe a lot of that to doing this programme.

    It was structured, I knew I had to get out there and do it , and I did. It has changed my life for the better and the benefits are immense. Plus I have found this forum full of supportive , lovely people , whats not to love ha ha ?

    All the very best to you, and many congratulations on the little addition to your family,

    Onwards, always :-) xxx

  • Thank you Poppy. Hugs x

  • Sorry Poppypug,

    I meant to give a longer reply but was mid dinner.

    I am pleased to hear that running is helping your mental health as well. I had never suffered from anxiety until earlier this year. I have suffered depression over the years ( post natal, then a second dose, then after quitting smoking, after a marriage breakdown etc) but never anxiety.

    When I started with anxiety I knew something was wrong, suspected depression since a car accident over 3 years ago, but kept ignoring the symptoms until I couldn't take any more of work place stress and bullying and had a meltdown 4 months ago.

    The good thing is- after weeks I had to promise the Dr to go out every day (even a 30 minute walk) so I found this forum and you lovely lot.

    Like you, the structure did me good (failed running before as it was too much all at once) and made me feel better too. I contribute 80% of my recovery to running. I am so glad I posted at lunch time today as after 10 days, I felt I was losing it.... got out there and NO problem and actually enjoyed every minute of it. REALLY!

    I hope we both continue to benefit from running and thank you for posting about suffering from anxiety and depression. I am still anxious ) such a horrid feeling) about work and feel anxious IN work so lets hope running keeps it at bay.

    Thank you again xxx

  • Oh SG, what a tough time you have had, that is a lot to deal with and sometimes it overwhelms you and you cant take anymore.

    I am so sorry to hear about you being bullied. That makes me so angry and sad at the same time. It can drive people to the brink, how anyone could do that to another person is beyond me.

    Anxiety is horrible, waking up in the morning, convinced something horrible is going to happen, it is abosolutely draining and exhausting. Its like being on edge non stop.

    Im so so much better now, there is a light at the end of the tunnel, this programme has given me my life back. I feel more in control , I am glad it has helped you too.

    Keep going my lovely, Im always here if you ever want a chat , take care :-)

  • Yay!!! Well done you! You're back!!!!

  • Right SG, get your finger out! You are not only a runner, but a graduate of C25K and a well-respected member of this community. If _you_ are not going to go out in this minor shower, who will? So no excuses and we will all anticipate your 'Success' post a little later today.

  • Hands well and truly slapped..Thank you MarkyD

  • Firstly, congratulations on your new grandson! :) i think after a period off and then returning to work(i had similar period of 6 mths in 2011 for the same reasons, and the running definitely helps me too! ), you will be needing a change of scene, and rain isn't half as bad as what you expect, i started in January and it was often cold wet and windy!

    SO.................... its nearly 2pm, get yourself out there and enjoy the wild autumn weather! Just think about how good it will feel getting back indoors after and having a lovely hot drink and biccie! :)

  • Thank you Aliboo....Baby boy, Darion, is absolutely Beautiful but sadly He and his mum and Dad live in Blackburn and I am in Nottinghamshire so will not get to seem him, or them as often as i would like, I also have a ten year old Grandson up there too :) I miss them when we leave them but it's great seeing them when we visit or Thomas (eldest) visits :)

    As for running and work--yes, it was a good change of scenery. I really am planning on coming home and going straight out but first day back and it didn't pan out but running in the rain has definitely made me feel happier about being back at work---oh, to never have to work huh? :D

    Thank you for the encouragement x

  • So. Its 3pm now.

    Did you go?!?

  • Hey Maisie----eventually! :)

  • Not yet :/ I got weigh laid leaving work and getting home and now just waiting on a phone call to see whether my partner Peter is coming home in the next hour to run with me..... If not, Im defo going to do it. :D I don't "think" it's as bad as it looks. I HOPE it's not as bad as it looks anyway.


  • I'm seriously dissapointed with you. I'm not going to yell or tell you off... I'm sure you know well enough what you've done wrong. I thought you were made of sterner stuff, but if this is the best you can do... piss poor excuses, to be honest. *shrugs shoulders* never mind, if that's how little effort you can put into it.

  • You are right Tomas---- ABSOLUTELY NO excuses! Do you wanna train me? :) You certainly have the right tone t make me think "i'll bloody show him!" haha

  • Phew! I was slit lay worried I had laid it on too thickly. Glad you decided to show me. So.... Did you get out there? :)

  • Did you go????????

  • I think a week off has done me the world of good. as ran really well.

    Yes, I was over three hours late going but managed 4.94 km in 39 minutes and although the wind was horrible, yet refreshing after a hill, the rain was okay :D

    and yes, I feel sooooo good for doing it so THANK YOU EVERYONE, including you Tomas, lol, you are right; rain and wind and being late IS a piss poor excuse NOT to run ;)

    So, thats it now----i've graduated, ran in very hot weather, very wet weather (wetter than today when it was flooded) and now windy wet weather- absolutely NO excuses now.....well, maybe hail and snow may stop me ;)

    :D off for a lovely warm shower and then a curry xx

  • Well done you!

  • I'm really proud of you, SG. I knew that you could do it, and perhaps the rain and wind was not as bad as you thought. Enjoy your curry!

  • Well, in Sweden we now have snow and sub zero temperatures and that hasn't stopped me. So why should it you??

    Remember, no excuses... or I'll be tempted to take a trip to balmy Nottinghamshire (where my children and grandchildren live) and drag you out!!!!!

    Happy running!!!

  • Fantastic - well done for getting out there ! I've gone as far as buying a treadmill to prevent me from having any plausible excuses - as my mum would say 'unless you're bleeding from every orifice get on with it!'


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