Still in pain

Hello Everyone,

I haven't been able to run for a week now due to pain in my knees. I have no idea what caused this and the doctor told me to just rest. I haven't walked anywhere for more than 10 mins at a time and they are still very painful! I'm really disappointed to be missing out on a whole week - and possibly more - of running. 

When I can eventually start again, do you think I'll need to go back a week? I don't know how quickly you lose fitness :/


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9 Replies

  • You won't lose fitness in a week but it's nice to go back for a gentle re-entry to see how the knees hold up.  Better to ease back in than injure yourself and be off longer.  

  • That sounds awful :-(. Do you know what the cause is? If it is purely related to running have you spent much time looking at your running form?

  • I have achy knees every time I run. I just rest for an extra day or two and then continue where I left off.

  • I've had to take a break from running for exactly the same reason. ive been recommend to build my strength up in my knees using these exercises i was also told I needed to work on strengthening my gluts to take some of the pressure off my knees when running. Hope this helps and that you're back to running with no pain again soon! 

  • I've had same problem but with just one knee. It's kept me off over a week now. Very strange but pain comes and goes. In my case I think it may be my weight putting too much pressure on my joints. It's been ok for two days now so providing I'm ok all day today I shall start running again tomorrow. I'll be doing w2r3 but if I find it difficult I'll repeat w2 runs for a few times. I'm in no rush!!!!

  • Wife slinky gets some knee pain sometimes, and also in other places like lower back, she rests up a few days and it goes away. She probably needs to do some strengthening excercise as others have mentioned..I get similar aches & pains that come & go, That's running! So good stretching & strengthening excercises need to be incorporated into the routine..dont worry, rest up! You'll get back into it!..😊

  • Where are you in the programme?

  • I did W3R1 before I had to stop

  • Just want to check that all of you with knee pain ( one knee or both).. isn't being caused by you wearing incorrect running shoes. My hubby who we knew had overpronation  (flat feet) used to get knee pain when he started running. This was giving him pain during and after running in one particular knee. By week four he went for gait analysis which is free in a good running shop,  they film you running on  a treadmill to see how your foot strikes the ground. He was wearing the wrong type of shoe. He got correct shoes and hasn't had a twinge since.

    Just a thought.😊 Hope this is helpful...

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