Not run for a week - still fairly new to this - what should I do?

For various reasons I haven't run for a week, had completed R1 of week 5. If I go out tomorrow should I repeat one of Week 4 runs or does having a week out of running make a huge difference and take me back further?

I haven't been inactive, have averaged 15000 steps a day in the week, but haven't been out running.

Any advice or tips welcome. I feel nervous about going back out!

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  • I personally would repeat your last run and start from there...

    Depending on that run, you will know whether the lack of a week has had a detrimental affect on your fitness or not.

    As yous ay, in reality a week is unlikely to have a major effect, but it also depends what your current fitness level is like.

    Saying that I was on week 4 last week, and for work and a minor health issue I have not ran for four days. I was determined to repeat week four but I was brash and did week five, run 1.

    But I am using c25K to over come an injury rather than lack of fitness; though my fitness has suffered as a result of 18 months or s of knee issues.


  • I think go for week 5 and take it easy. Sometimes a longer rest is a good thing but you will no doubt find the first few minutes tough as we all do.

  • I was crapping myself about week 5 as it was (technical term)

    Spose I may as well try. I was away somewhere very mountainous for three days so I didnt want to run up and down those hills. Then I was going to go out today but it was blowing a hoolie with torrential ran and I thought 'nah, you're alright' and went back to bed.

    Being back on this forum is restoring my mojo to run!!!

  • Fully agree. Just go out and try it. Worst thing that happens is you have to repeat it. No big deal. You'll be fine.

  • Depends on how you feel. Week 5 is a step up again but as you've been active it may not have made much difference and you could do it. On the other hand you don't want to lose confidence so maybe do one Week 4 run and then move on. The advice I've had from others on here is to keep it slow and steady and we won't go far wrong. i was really worried about Week 5 and then really enjoyed it. Whatever you decide I shall look forward to hearing how you get on :-)

  • I think you could go out with week 5, take it steady and do your best..

    You should be absolutely fine..if not successful don't worry, put it down as a practise and try again.

    Saying that I did like week 4 myself and stayed on it for a few extra runs as it is very manageable and good for stamina building.

    You know yourself best sofargoner...there is no rush to complete the plan.😊

  • true. I did do week 4 twice so am keen to move on. I might give week 5 run 1 a try, knowing the first few mins are always uncomfortable.

  • You can definitely do it. I had 2 long-ish breaks due to illness, 5 and 6 days. Just continued where I left of and as someone mentioned above found it good for me with renewed lease of energy.

  • I would re- run week 4 at least once. Week 5 was a big 'jump up' for me. If you have already been out there and done it, well done.

  • If you do week 5, (no reason why you shouldn't) and you feel out of breath, just slow your running pace right down; as opposed to having a quick walk. If you walk, it is pyscologially hharder to start running again, but if you jog at a slow pace, as your nbody recovers, your pace will pick up slihgtly naturally


  • Slow, and steady and see how you go... no law that says you cannot walk! Your body will tell you what to do ! :)

  • Woo hoo I did it! Will create new post

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