1st day back at Running Club went well

Last time I joined a Running Club was in 2013 after graduating C25K the first time, but I dropped out in November due to ill health.

Went back last night and it was great to be placed in group 2 instead of the walk/run group.  The warm up was hard enough haha, but I thoroughly enjoyed, the trainers and group were highly supportive of each other and myself. 

I am very fortunate to have such a great club on my doorstep almost, it's only £1 a session and you get such great support and advice.

I was told the stamina will come in time, hopefully that is true because I'm like a very loud steam train chuffing along the track haha.

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  • That sounds great and only £1!!! You must pass on any advice they give you! My first, and only, venture to a running club was a disaster but it must be great if you find one that supports you and you enjoy. 

  • They also meet on 2 other days and organise "away day" parkrun trips, the other 2 days are free, club membership is just £25 a year and includes Welsh Athletics membership etc..  They are very supportive, tonight we had a quiz during the long dynamic warm-up and for every wrong answer we did burpees, squats and reverse somethings :P  Loads of fun.  Every year they do a Santa Run through town too, where they all dress as Santa!

  • Wow! I want to join your club! Sounds fab.

  • I have also joined a club on their novice programme. 12 weeks, twice a week for the grand sum of £12.50. Really enjoying it. Everyone is so supportive and encouraging and I can see improvement even in 4 weeks. Hopefully this will break the rut I have got into since graduating. 

  • That's great, hopefully it will add a new dynamic to running for you, you may find yourself trying even more new things now.

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