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W9r1 and I'm slightly worried

Ok, I've made it this far, I've been for a 30 min 'run' and survived, but I don't think I'm managing anywhere near 5k - which could be a problem as I've signed up for a Race for Life .....  I guess I've got to up the pace from a Jog to a proper run - any tips ( other than move faster) or post Laura programmes to get me to that 5k finish line???

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Does Race for Life demand that you finish 5k in less than 30 minutes? If not, you have nothing to worry about.You will reach 5k.

 Once you graduate you could use the C25k+ podcasts in which Laura will guide you on to greater things, if you wish, but a period of consolidation will probably see your speed improve without any specific speed training, although throwing in some fartlek sessions will definitely help too.

Congratulations on getting to this stage and don't worry too much about pace.

Keep running, keep smiling.


My understanding is that everyone is welcome to these events, runners, run-walkers and walkers, it is about doing the distance so there is no pressure (except from ourselves)!


You will complete the 5k, it might take you longer than 30 minutes!!! Map yourself a 5k route (this is what I have done) and see how you get on knowing the distance.  


When i was on week 7 I was wondering if I could do 5k.  I knew there was no way I could manage it in 30 minutes.  So I kept running and I was able to do it, in 45 minutes.  I believe by graduation, running on after 30 minutes at a comfortable pace, we are ready to do 5k.  Also, at an event, there is the extra help from fear plus adrenaline and peer pressure!


As the others say it's not a 5k in 30 minutes, just a 5k! After graduation just extend your runs a bit so that you're running for a longer period. Most people don't really have a problem with that, the 30 minute runs have already built up our stamina. It sounds frightening, but if you can run 30 mins you can probably run for 45 and should be able to do 5k. If it is too much there's no law saying you can't stop and walk! 

Good luck and have fun!


No no - just keep the same pace. The atmosphere on the day will help you along, and it really doesn't matter if you take a few walk breaks - loads of people will be. Good luck!


Same post as others really- you don't have to 'up' your pace and you don't have to complete it in 30 minutes.

I too would suggest just mapping a 5k route if you don't use a phone app and trying to run on to 5k in the next week or so. I did a cheeky one in weeks 7-9 just to 'prove' to myself that I could and to set my first time to see if I could/would get faster. I did it on the days when my run felt relatively comfy at the end. If it proves a little too hard at first then run for your 30 minutes then run/walk the remainder, it'll give you an idea of how your race will feel.

Have confidence! In week 1 many of us were thinking that 30 minutes seemed impossible- you've bagged that :)

Good luck :)


You could do Parkrun for training, run, walk, anyway you like. I don't think your bound by any rules that say you have run constantly on race for life?  just complete 5k any way you feel comfortable with. Relax & Enjoy..😊


Race for life is a 5k route, but there is no time limit I don't think,  so you could just keep running at your steady pace and try for it, but no-one is going to worry if you take some walk breaks if necessary. Others will be doing the same.

Do not try and run faster at this stage. You WILL be able to run 5k in time, but you need to build up to it. The way to manage these distances is to start slowly and continue at your steady pace. Once you have graduated you can start thinking about c25k + once you can run for 30 mins regularly.

Good luck and enjoy it😊


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