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W4r3 done

Did all three this week. Not sure if I am cheating but I am doing these at the gym on a treadmill. Have to say that using the app with my own play list worked much better than the podcast, sorry Laura.  

Actually looking forward to week 5. I have looked at it and can see it is a big step up but with my own motivational tunes loaded up on the phone I am sure I can make it. 

Thanks for all the advice about slowing down. I reducedon't the speed on my final week 4 run for just the last 1.5 mins and it did help.

Roll on Monday for w5r1.

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Well done! It is a bit of a step up but if you've got into the swing of W4 you will do fine!


You can definitely do it! 


Its not a cheat on a treadmill, its still running!


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