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Wk8R1 - a real struggle but done - GOSH 5km run in December anyone?

Week 7 wasn't easy so not sure why I thought this morning would be any better. Also after some passing comments from my other half (mr motivator -not!) I thought I ought to be trying to up the speed a little bit as apparently I "wasn't going much faster than walking".

The main problem was the boredom - I have Got to get my own playlist sorted!! And I did have two 30 second walks but I finally came in at 3.01km in 28 minutes (according to rundouble) which makes 5km seem like a Very Long Time :-(

However was very pleased when finished - slayed a few mental demons on the way (ie done once can do again) and am signing up for the GOSH 5km run in December - it's now or never!!

Happy Monday everyone :-)

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I am into week 7 so I find you a total inspiration! I am slow also, but we are still working on stamina and endurance. As repeated over and over here on the board, speed can come later. Does your husband do the program with you? Mine does, but he is quite a bit faster then I am, which I contribute to stride etc. as I am only 5'2" to his 6'. We are all different and no one will ever run the same because of fitness level, weight, height etc. and maybe your husband will realize this soon. You are doing great! Slow down and enjoy the journey! I bet 8 weeks ago you never imagined you would be at this point.


somebody finding me an inspiration is a major motivation - thank you so much :-) just glad you cant see me run! My partner doesnt run at all - he cycles a bit - and comments a lot ;-) but you are right I didnt think I would get this far. You are clearly doing well too - looking forward to hearing your week 8 story :-)




I realised I needed a goal - the weight loss isnt happening very fast (although think the inches are) and needed something to get me past that!!


I am not having weight loss either on the program...we must be building huge amounts of muscle! :-) You are an inspiration! Remember I said so your next run! Ask hubby if he wants to join you running, I bet his idea of speed will change quickly once he is doing it. :-)


"Mr Motivator" whatever happened to him ? Well done on your run it sounds as if you're having fun despite the obstacles.


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