Loving this running !

2nd Parkrun, on the way to Conwy the heavens opened and the heaviest hailstorm I have ever seen descended on the road, with the Snowdonian mountains in the background it seemed more like the middle of winter than the eve of May.

Then the blue sky broke though with the remains of the rainbow, and the run started in fine if cold weather.

As my last Parkrun was 41:15 I wanted  to get under 40 minutes, this meant speeding up un the last 2 k's , 15sec on 4 and a minute on 5, I had slowed last week at the end.

    Well I got under 40 with 39:46 , I actually passed a few near the end, I love this running. 

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  • Wonderful Patrick..so envious of your run..I stll cannot quite pluck up courage..and of your location..I cAn just imagine the sun on the snowy mountains..🙂

  • Well done on beating your target,wish i could do a parkrun but unfortunately the nearest one to me is 20 miles away and i work saturdays so will only be able to do a few a year at best.

  • Well done Patrick, sounds absolutely gorgeous !

    Congratulations on a new parkrun PB ! :-) xxx

  • I know, it's brill int it!  You can keep doing it too!  Whenever you like!  

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