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Week 1 done!

I went a bit slower on WK1R3 to nurse my calf which was feeling a bit tight but I've just finished week 1! Feel great, the third run was much easier and looking forward to week 2! I was a bit worried earlier in the week that I just wouldn't stick at this but felt today like I really want to, which I imagine is half the battle!

A little aside question - does anyone have any advice for someone who lives in high heels? I have worn heels every day (winter and summer) since I was a young teenager and am basically a toe walker because of it - my calves are obviously struggling now as I'm running in trainers! Made sure I've been stretching a lot this week but didn't know if anyone else has dealt with this and has any advice?

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The warm-down routine that I do has an exercise for stretching the calf muscles - the full routine is here:

I hope this helps!


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