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W5R3 done it!!!


Hi, this is my first post but my hubby Dave has been keeping you up to date on my previous runs, so I thought it was about time I posted.

Well, I did it tonight, never thought at my age I would be able to jog for 20mins non stop, although slow but I did it, I'm no spring chicken (61). It was tough at first but was surprised how quick it went after the first 10 mins. I'm suffering a bit now as my left knee is playing up as it sometimes does after exercise, so rest tonight. 

The first 2 runs of W6 don't look too bad but run 3 yikes!!! Slow & steady as Dave keeps telling me.

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Well done!  Good for you on getting this far.  It's quite a revelation isn't it!  Wooohoo.  Go you!  Very carefully of course.  I bet your knee will be fine in a day or so.  

All the best for week 6.  Think positive!


Well done! I'm just 2 runs behind you so it really helps to see other people achieving that peak.

You've done the first "long run" - it's just a matter of practice now till you hit the 5K/30 mins goal. Best of British!


Yey, well done!  I've got this one coming Friday *gulps*

slinkylinkyGraduate in reply to Son1

How did you get on Friday

Son1Graduate in reply to slinkylinky

Thank you - I did it :-D  Delighted and not too achy today, which is surprising.


You are doing really well. That week 5 run is a real milestone. Watch out for week six. Lots of folk find the return to intervals can be tricky. Dave is right - slow and steady is the way. Good luck!

Well done you!

Don't underestimate W6R1. It's a tricky bugger.


Well done you... and.. you are a Spring Chicken... cheep, cheep... ( I am 66!) :)

Your husband is right, as we all say on here, slow, slower and slowest... that is the way.

Take it steady..rest that knee, RICE if necessary too, ( I was crocked, for a while, because I ignored my my niggly knee... see my post.. the Curious Incident of the Knee that Twinged in the night-time :) ) It might make you giggle? :)

Try to focus on what you have achieved so far, and the place you are now... try not to worry about future runs. :)

Keep posting maybe? Because, we have to stick together, us, feisty, feathered fowl...  and remember...

" Believe in yourself... and you will be unstoppable."

davelinksGraduate in reply to Oldfloss

Reminded me of that old song floss! Chirpy chirpy cheep cheep! Gawd!

OldflossAdministrator in reply to davelinks

Last night I heard my baby singing this song... Oh, my goodness.. I can still remember the words :)

Oh well done Slinkylinky! I loved the feeling I had after completing that run. It makes you believe that you really just might be a runner after all. It really is the big hurdle to take in the programme because you know deep down that if you manage 20, you are also going to manage that target of 30 minutes. With Dave at your side, I am absolutely sure you will too. My w6r1 was my least enjoyable run. I am not really sure why, whether it was going back to intervals or if I had just slept badly the night before and was tired. Other people swan through it no problem at all though. Keep smiling and keep running :)


Well done. Just goes to show what we are all capable of. 

A big well done. And that Dave knows what he's talking about!

I did W5R3 last night too! I felt such an achievement and cannot believe this time 5 weeks ago I couldn't even run 60 seconds without feeling sick. 

I struggled at the start, but really felt great after the first 10 minutes and ache a bit today. I don't care about speed or technique right now. Just loving the feeling. 

Keep on keeping on. 

slinkylinkyGraduate in reply to WendyRunner123

Well done CaitlinB, it was a great feeling, I did W6R1 today, found it ok.

WendyRunner123Graduate in reply to slinkylinky

I did W6R1 today too. As you said slinkylinky it was ok. I wasn't expecting the hail and wind though!

slinkylinkyGraduate in reply to WendyRunner123

Didn't get that here, we had sun & some cloud. Hoping to W6R2 Monday

WendyRunner123Graduate in reply to slinkylinky

It was sunny at start of warm up walk. I was in the park with lots of ducks and geese. At first I thought one had pooped on my head!! 🌨

Well done Mrs Links..😊😊😊

As you know from Dave that was a breakthrough run..

Rest up and look forward to hearing of your success in week 6.  Brilliant effort.

Nice to meet you too...😊


Congratulations!  Completing that run is a great accomplishment


good for you well done.. keep it up and let us know how things go...


Sorry I missed this post earlier Sue :-)

Just wanted to say Welcome aboard and Well done on your achievements so far !

Go you, you gotta keep that hubby on his toes ;-) xxx

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