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All was going so well then I tripped!


Happy to say I have been a graduate for a little while now.  Progressed quite happily to running 5k three times a week and also now progressed to running 10k once a week.  Signed up next week for my first 10k next weekend for the race for life.  I have been lucky so far as injuries go, a twist ankle was worst that lay me up for a couple of weeks.  Until the day before yesterday when I tripped on a pavement and slide my face into it.  Result grazed and cut hands.  Right knee badly cut.  Cut nose and upper lip.  Enough to say I look a mess!. Oh and knocked my two front teeth so that involved a trip to dentist for an appointment.  Thankfully all seems ok though one just appears to have moved slightly.  6 week wait to see if that settles.  Oh and I broke three nails.  So has it put me off running.... No... Any one else been unfortunate to have "tripped" at any time.  Think my pride was hurt more than anything 😔😔😔😔😔ps. Here's today pic . So been two days now. Not pretty so sorry to any of you who find it awful. Hands and knees not so gruesome!

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Oooo that all sounds awful. I hope you're ok!

I think inevitably we'll all fall at some point, it comes with the territory! Hopefully this is your one out of the way now  😀 Take care & I hope you mend soon.

PS my major fall is still to come, I've escaped with just some severe stumbles so far........ 😂😂

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Thanks Noaky... Yep hopefully it's a lesson learnt and never to be repeated.  Physically I feel fine just look like I've been fighting with a bear! Stumbles a warning heed them I think I was tired as it was typecast half k before going home.  Liz x 


Ouchy! That sounds horrible. Poor you.

It does however seem to be a rite of passage to trip at some stage - if not a tree root then usually a kerb - so no, not alone. Just don't make a habit of it!

Hope you are better for your 10k. X

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Thanks ys beginning to believe it is a rite of passionate I really am a proper runner.  Sure I'll be fine for 10k,  photos won't be pretty.  Hoping to go for a gentle run at the weekend.  Liz x


Oh, poor you, that sounds horrible. So glad you are not being deterred by it...the things we will go through for our running! Good luck for your first 10k race next weekend - I have my first 10k race on the 15th, so "Go, us!"😀🏃🏻

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Thank you no pain just pride.  Good luck for your first 10k too...x

Yikes! But well done you. The occasional trip stumble and fall is inevitable, as teh Mamas and the Papas warned us they would be. The key thing is you got back up again and were not deterred. You are the Lasse Viren of HealthUnlocked. Well done. I was going to say you show that pavement it's no skin off your nose, but that would not be entirely apt in this instance. Look forward to hearing how you crush your 10k.

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Thanks Rignold.  Once I feel up to it going to revisit spot and say you can't keep me down pavement... Going to have to look up Masse Viren.. But thanks for your good wishes.  Liz x


Oooh ouch , not like, hope you are recovering ok ☺

I have been close to face planting but somehow managed to save it , there but for the Grace of God. 

I admire your  attitude to it and running 😊

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Thanks Rob... Well it's done now and now it's healing time and hoping it never happens again.  Liz x


Flamin' Nora !

What a shock that mustve been for you , you poor thing ! Sounds like your face really took the full impact - OUCH !!!

I love your determination though, the fact that it hasn't put you off, that shows guts !

Hope everything heals soon , Take care and please let us know how youre going on .

I have fallen twice, once on my warm up walk and then a full Superman body glide/face plant in the mud in full view of everyone at parkrun ! :-D xxx

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Thanks Nora yep this was a full superman too only on the pavement... Wish it had been mud! All the same not nice either way... Healing process well underway invested in some lavender oil and hoping it heals fast.  Roll on till the next run.  Probably be a a bit tentive but enjoy my running so counting this as a minor set back.  Liz x

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