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So, 5K is this Saturday - Not ready but Participating

5K Raton NM at Climax Canyon is Saturday April 30 - I have finished week three of my Run a 5K Training. Obviously I won't be running, but rather participating in our 5K this Saturday. It's a beautiful canyon trail, lots of ascent, narrow, rocky, twisty turny, cactus etc.....

I have to rest a couple days. Due to an old left side sacroiliac injury, an out of shape core and my years of sedentariness, my sacrum seems to be out of line and/or just not functioning enough, and my left leg is working harder than it should to compensate, (I think - it's self diagnosis). Twice, when either running  50 yard dashes or doing  100 yard repeats, I have slightly pulled or strained my rectus femoris on the left leg, also my shin burns a bit on that side while my right leg is doing just fine in every way. I did this, (strained my rectus femoris) on my walk day  yesterday, (Tuesday), it was cold, I under dressed, and wanted to warm up, so I decided to run slow 100 yard repeats.  I mean 24 second slow! But my left thigh seemed to be not liking that too much and it slightly pulled.

The next level of my Run a 5K training, wk 4, advances me from a series of three minute jogs and two minute recoveries to 4, 5, 3 and 3 and minute runs with 2 minute recoveries.  I was supposed to be doing that today. With the 5K on Saturday, and my thigh complaining, I need to rest it and be able to participate without making it worse.  I will definitely complete the route. It's cake really, but only as a walk and jog, not any running. I have done the route before and I have walked 5 - 9 - 20 mile walks in this area plenty of times.

I am addicted to this now. The diet, learning the dynamic stretches, everything, it's literally addicting. 

I have to stick with jogs for now and work on my core strength and hip flexor strength and mobility.  So I guess I will continue to lengthen my jog times for the cardio vascular work, while working on my core until I can resume actual running, since jogging doesn't stress my left rectus femoris.

My goal next year at this time is to run a complete 5K non stop in 25 minutes. I think that's a humble goal.  Is that reasonable to expect a 25 minute outcome on a 5K next year with three days a week training?

Also, since I started this routine of walking 6 weeks ago and the 5K training 4 weeks ago, I have lost  8 pounds.

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That's bad luck with the injuries but hopefully when your body strengthens up and gets used to running, it will stop being such an issue. Hope you enjoy your canyon 5k. Sounds amazing. Even if you are not actually running, I think it will be inspiring to get out there amongst the runners and this time next year you'll definitely be running it. I wouldn't worry too much about the time. Running a 5k injury-free and with ease is a brilliant target for a start. Let us know how it goes.


Hey! Thank you boptillyoudrop49 - no turning back.


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