Completed the Trail Run for just over 5K. Forgot to note my start time! agh - is it ok to walk on my recovery days before the official 5K?

After a one day break, I ran the Climax Canyon Trail again. This time I didn't have three stops on the way up and two on the way down. I stopped twice at the summit, and ran the entire descent with no breaks. I gave the same effort on the way up as I did two days ago but more effort on the way down. I know my time was faster but darn it, I forgot to note my start time.

Now, I have two days of rest and the Official Climax Canyon 5K on Saturday.

My last week of work out included:

1st day, a 6.2 mile walk and run with 4.2 miles of nonstop running in the middle and half of that was ascent for 700 feet in about 2.1 miles, in light snow and hail.

2nd day, just over 5K on the Climax Canyon trail in 51 minutes in addition to a 1 mile walk to and a 1 mile walk from the site.

3rd day, just over 3.1 miles on the Climax Canyon trail in ? minutes in addition to a 1 mile walk to and a 1 mile walk from the site.

Darn it, what torture not knowing the start time.

Now two days off and run on Saturday official 5K. We have a weather system coming in, an unusual cold front, 3-5 inches of snow possible Saturday, 5K day, 26°F (minus 3.3° C) overnight Friday and a high of no more than 38° F (3.3° C) expected Saturday.

What am I going to do for two days? I am already chomping at the bit.

Experienced runners, should I or should I not walk 4 -5 miles, (6 - 8 km) on my recovery days?

I barely just finished my 7 week C25K by Redrock Apps two weeks ago, so this is new to me.

It's torture not to work out for two days but I don't want to over do it before the Official 5K on Saturday. But, I also want to keep mobility up and being too still makes my back hurt. I have scoliosis and get some spams and tightness of I don't keep moving. Is walking recommended or not recommended during recovery?

Looks like I got back just in time, we are having a hail storm as I write


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7 Replies

  • I would say yes, walk. I do an hour to 90 mins walk with a weight vest or a rucksack with light weights (10-15k) on rest days. Active recovery.

  • Fantastic, thanks Rignold, - That's the thing I was wondering about. "Active Recovery". It makes sense to me but sometimes things make sense to me and I am wrong.

  • Walking is normally fine. Gets the blood flowing so it can stimulate growth and healing. And keep the mind healthy as well. Just don't do it to exhaustion, as you obviously will be using some of the same muscles as for running.

    Sleeping is even better (you release human growth hormone and testosterone when sleeping, both of which helps with the healing). It's a shame our busy lives don't allow a 48 hour nap every now and then :)

  • Thanks Thomas, I agree on the sleep. I do get great sleep. 48 hour nap? haha, I'm good with 8-10. I am blessed to be able to do that.

  • Personally I would say walking is great and good luck for Saturday, what a name!!!!

  • Climax Canyon? lol - yes and it's a fitting name for all that grueling ascent.

  • I have recently completed a very hilly trail marathon and my advice would be to 'chunk it up'... enjoy!!!

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