I had to run on my treadmill tonight which is in my shed/hubbys mancave that has no windows that open and is nicely boarded out. Wow was it stuffy! I knew 5 minutes in that I was going to struggle, I seemed to watch every minute tick by and by the end I felt  nauseous and exhausted. I had to keep telling myself 'if Eddie Izzard can run 27 marathons in 27 days across South Africa I sure as heck can run for 1/2 hour in a little warmth. Not a run I enjoyed but another run closer to graduation! 

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  • Yep... he was warm..but in a huge open space! You did brilliantly... Roll on Run 2 ?

    Well done youx

  • Thanks Oldfloss. I think my next two runs will be outside! X

  • You will be fine :)

  • It is a shame the room is stuffy; otherwise having a treadmill at home is a great option. Sounds like you'll enjoy the outdoor runs more for now.

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