Seen off by health walkers

I don't know if it's all over the country but round our way there is a sudden surge of health walks - groups of usually quite elderly people with leaders in high-vis jackets at front and back. I think it's great and hesitate because this sounds quite patronising but they look so lovely and sweet - they are always chatting away and very perky and sprightly looking and they remind me of an infant school crocodile with a teacher at each end. 

On my second to last run I was in a local park and there they were, maybe 20 of them up ahead - I soon realised I was barely gaining on them and I thought it would be so embarrassing to go past only just faster than they were walking that I turned off and went another way.  


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18 Replies

  • Ha! Brilliant! 

    It only makes me chuckle because I would have had to take the same diversionary tactic!  🏃😊

  • 😂 I turned round when a bunch of primary kids were out for a walk lol! Curse these 'keep fit nuts'!! 

    Oh, I so get you! The awful reality that your fair paced run is others 'jaunty' walking!

    What you need to do is run around tourist attractions lol! Every one wanders really slowly, you're guaranteed to be faster!

    I don't know if you know of them but we have the Kelpies in Falkirk, Scotland- huge metal horse sculptures. I ran round the other evening and was like a sprinter in comparison to the wanderers!

  • Those horses are simply beautiful!

  • I hadn't heard of them - I thought kelpies were like little Irish pixies - so I looked them up - they are really amazing, especially with lighting at night.

  • I just googled them too as had never heard of them, they're stunning!

  • Hmm - as a senior citizen, I have never really thought of myself as "lovely and sweet" - especially now that I have just come in from a 16K run.  

  • 16K - I can't even imagine doing that - somehow I don't think you would fit in with a health walk! It makes me much less depressed about getting older to see people on here doing inspiring things. 

  • 2 years ago - I also could not have imagined it!! :) But slow and steady paves the way!! :)

  • Wonderful!  Just think.. that could be me in a couple of years... young runners whizzing around me :)

  • Suspect you'll be the one whizzing round them floss!! 😀

  • I was "running" and there was quite an old chap out for a walk up ahead of me. He heard me coming so stepped to the side and stopped which was very courteous of him. Problem was I was well behind him and probably wouldn't have caught up for at least 10 mins so had to do a bit of a sprint to go past. Worst part was I then had to keep this evil pace up for a bit so he didn't over take me! Xx

  • It's so tempting to keep up appearances isn't it? I did that running alongside some football pitches recently, loads of fit young men and supporters so I went a good bit faster than I should, trying to look like a proper runner and paid the price for the next ten minutes. 

  • Ha! I think we're all guilty of this one!

  • I was fricking knackard! Xx

  • Love this!!! I had a similar experience with a mum, baby in pushchair and toddler on a scooter. So embarrassing 😂😂😴😴

  • Sometimes I listen to the news and hear the doom and gloom about how we don't look after ourselves and then I go for a run or speed walk and see a host of people out there looking after themselves.  I often speed walk inbetween run days my speed walking pace is only 30 seconds a km slower than my run.  I have vanity interval training when I see someone I know I pretend I can run faster than I can then run round a corner and collapse because the speed was too much 😀. 

  • Oh I love that - vanity interval training! Lol.

  • Ha! I'd have done exactly the same!!

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