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A big disappointment

Today was W9R3 - and I was really looking forward to it. I did 2.7 miles on Wednesday (W9r2) and was so looking forward to graduating.

But the weather defeated me - I set off into the wind,- BBC weather said 17 mph - but it was gusty and more than that - I could see loads of 'white horses' on the sea. I did a good ten mins into the wind and then turned.... but was exhausted.

I think it was partly because it was difficult to breathe properly.

Will try again on Sunday - hopefully the wind will have dropped by then!

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Hey man, you can't argue with God! Don't worry about it and ask the man upstairs to cut you a break for Sunday. I'm sure he will. I'm only on Week 2 so to me, with you reaching Week're a God!!


Thank you for this - you will be on week 9 before you can believe it - I didn't think I would even do week 1 !!!! And I'm amazed at how much I enjoy running - it's great!


Newrunner, I set off yesterday...and nearly got blown off my feet as soon as I stepped outside!!

The first part of my route was into the wind, but like you found, it was coming from every direction and very strong and gusty. I almost got blown to a standstill at one point so I didn't have the best run and had to stop and walk a couple of times because I just didn't have the energy to fight it.

So, don't be too disheartened - it's all good stamina training!! (Well, that's what I tell myself anyway... ;-) ). I'm sure you'll do well on Sunday - good luck!


Thank you - the wind was very strong (it still is!) and along the coast it can be quite invigorating !!!

I did try walking, but ran out of energy - when I got home, I changed and zoomed up to the local swimming pool which made me feel better!

Am in Race for Life along Worthing seafront in July - I'd better train against the wind in preparation!

Keep going - and well done on graduating.


Well done for having a go in the wind yesterday, I hope Sunday is kinder to you.

I went out yesterday to run for 5x50; put it off all day listening to the wind but set off finally at 3pm as I was running out of time before getting ready for night shift. The wind was so strong I (stupidly) decided I would do the Speed podcast rather than battle it for 40 odd minutes ... Ha! 'Speed' was certainly not involved, like almost being blown to a standstill! :-)

Look forward to reading your next blog and seeing your little green badge! :-)


Thank you Poppy, it's good to know that running into the wind affects everyone - it's blowing a hoolie again now, and I just hope it drops for Sunday.

I have been quite spoilt in that I usually run at about 6 am, and it's often calm at that time of day, the wind seems to pick up later.

Is 5x50 the next step after the end of C25k?

Regards Jenny


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