W4R1 - and to think I nearly didn't! (also a Steph update)

W4R1 - and to think I nearly didn't! (also a Steph update)

I had my first serious wobble this morning - I was ok until I went to upload Week 4 onto my Ipod, read the information, and immediately went into negative mode. "Five minutes? I can't run for five minutes! That's far too much of a jump! I'll never do it. In fact, I'm so convinced I won't do it I'm not even going to try..." etc, etc. But good old Mr N. talked me round, and do you know what? I did it!! I actually ran for five minutes, straight! Twice! Me, the fat kid who couldn't even get round the athletics track at school! *does happy dance*

One of the things that really helped me was the advice I read on here about doing a "system check" when I start to feel I can't go on and I'm going to have to give up. Breathing? Not gasping. Feet? Fine. Legs? Aching a bit, but nothing I can't put up with. And so on, and it helps me to realise that actually I'm not seriously struggling, and I can keep going.  This really is an awesome forum.

Also, I'm going to be releasing Steph this evening - that's her happy smiling little face in the photo. I intended to let her have a crawl about on the bed Thursday night to exercise her muscles and spread her wings - and she scuttled about six inches and then took off from a standing start and flew beautifully for a long time! She still has a small hole in her wing, but it obviously doesn't hamper her flying at all, and she's otherwise fit and raring to go, so she'll be much better off in her natural habitat. So if any of you want to send positive airborne vibes... I'll let you know how she gets on :)


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4 Replies

  • Well done Nigg ! You are doing so well - Good on ya ! :-)

    Oh little Steph, nursed back to health and all thanks to you. You are a very special lady xxxx

    Fly free StephBat, and I hope you have a truly wonderful life little one .

    Aw she is too cute ! :-) xxx

  • Well done....you kicked the Gremlins into touch... you go for it! Just , slow and steady... whilst you are moving.. you are still running! :)

    Little Steph looking very cute and ready to fly...I am sending strong airborne vibes...wheeeee... Go little Bat! :)

  • A face only a mother (or bat carer) could love! Great "I'm not having any more of that nasty medicine" face.

    So pleased you ignored the gremlins, or I might have worried what you'd do without this determined little character to show you the way.

  • I agree slow and steady you'll be fine.  If niggles really try to get in your head try counting to 100.   Sending good vibes for Steph.  I hope she will be fine after all her TLC.  

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