Not done much running this week, received bad news!

No, haven't run properly since last Sunday, and then only out with wife Sue on Tuesday accompanying her on w3r3 c25k, as got bad news of friend & neighbour who had a bad motorcycle accident, and received head injuries. He's a fit 75 year old, only been riding for 60 years! from what I had gathered he clipped the rear of a car, came off and headbutted a wall, crash helmet did help, but the blow caused a stroke & broke some vertebrae in his neck which caused a bleed into the brain.

 I went up to St George's hospital London yesterday with his wife to see him in the nuero ward, as I approach him laying there forlornly, I touched his head and his eyes opened, great! a reaction! I said to him what are you doing lazing in bed this time of day! You should be out with me running! He started grinning, and said in a whispering voice, what are you doing here? Where's Sue? Great! he's responding well! But it early days yet, and he's not breathing on his own.

I asked him what happened, I had to listen hard as his voice was so low, he said, l quickly looked round then went into the back of a car, then remembers nothing, maybe he can tell more in time as he improves, but sounds like it was my friends own fault, one simple mistake! Maybe he was too close? I dont know, apparently the car he hit drove off without stopping, but the reg number was taken, so, that was traced and police got the driver.

I have a sneaking suspicion the car driver for some reason had got annoyed with the motorcyclist behind and jammed the brakes on! I mean why would someone in thier right mind do that and leave someone badly injured in the road, and then there's the damage to the rear of the car!

Hopefully in time the driver will be charged with the appropriate offence if found guilty.

As I said, It's early day's yet for my friend in recovery, but looking promising, although could remain paralysed down the left side and in a wheel chair! My mind's not been on much else lately! Probably out today with wife Sue on her c25k run to buck me up!😕

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20 Replies

  • I'm so, so sorry about your friend, it can't have been easy to see him that way. And how terrible about the driver, if he did indeed do it on purpose I do hope he's punished. Hang in there. One day at a time is the only way to get through something like this. You and your friend are in my thoughts.

  • Oh, Dave, that's horrible. He sounds as if he's on the road to recovery though and being fit will help him. It's great that you're there for him - a good friend. Try to take some time for yourself, running will help you process the whole thing and keep you sane. 

    Crossed fingers!

  • Omg .. sorry to hear about your friend , as an ex motorcyclist I was all to aware of the dangers of other road users !!

    I sincerely hope that that justice will prevail against the driver if that is the case. 

    The priority is the recovery of your friend . thoughts are with him and you on his road to recovery.

  • Thanks Rob,  I'm also a motorcyclist and also had some minor accidents on them, the worst one was the pedestrian who ran across the road in front of me to catch a bus, but he didn't catch the bus! because I hit him! Which wrote the bike off! luckily very minor injuries, did a few bikesafe courses with the police, but haven't ridden much since, have done enough continental touring for now though!

     I think I'd rather go out running now, so! where are those running shoes!?😊

  • Ah, been there myself Dave, bikes are wonderful but we are so vulnerable on them. Wishing your friend the very best for his recovery!

  • My dad is in his 70s and still rides his motorbike. He is a very good driver but you are so vulnerable on a bike. Dave, I really hope your friend is going to be alright. Sounds like a nasty accident and I'm afraid you're probably right about the driver. For whatever reason s/he must ha e braked suddenly a d caused the accident. Otherwise why drive off , leaving an injured man and with damage to your own vehicle. You'd want the insurance details and so on if you were not at fault. Not to mention that a decent person does not leave someone lying in the road injured! Sending positive vibes to you and to your friend. Let us know how he gets on.

  • Thanks! Yes it wrote off his 1977 Norton Commando, he has 3 other classic British bikes and a BMW R1150 RT, can't see him riding again, his family are putting a block on it!

  • Wishing your friend a speedy recovery.   It's a good hospital for brain injuries.  Glad he's responding to you that makes a whole heap of difference.  We have a friend who is a year into recovery and he's getting there , they can do wonderful things now a days.  Get some you (and your wife time) with a good run, it will do you both some good.  Take care.  Rfc X, 

  • Oh, Dave, I am so sorry to hear about your friend. What an awful thing to happen - I really hope that he makes a good recovery. It is still early days and it sounds as though he was fit and healthy prior to this, so let's hope that is on his side. It's good that you have at least got out running with your wife this week. I have also had an extremely difficult few weeks and have found great comfort in my running. I hope that when you can get out again, that you find the same. Take care.

  • That was bad. Hope your mate recovers fully soon. 

  • hope he recovers fully, the other driver must have something to hide, maybe uninsured or over the limit? Hope they are found.....

  • We are also bikersDave and i know it is a dangerous world out there. It looks like we are invisible to cars. Hope your friend gets better soon. 

  • Yes nhs I'm a petrol head! Am just putting back together a custom cruiser, no not a Harley, a Suzuki Intruder I picked up cheap. Then there's the MGB car, supposed to be on a rally today, but not up to it!😕

  • Best fun. BMW in this house. However hubby is joining a group fundraising for prostate cancer. They are going to ride ex-posties bikes (Honda 250) all the way from Hobard in Tasmania to Cairns in North Queenland through the back roads. I think about 4900k in 20 days. I will take the easy way out and fly over there. Bound to be a Parkrun in Cairns.

  • Yes, have had a few beemers for touring, RT'S and f800gs..

    Just over 3k miles, about 150 miles a day, Fantastic! It'll be hot riding on the bikes up from Hobart to Cairns.. Yes? a tinny in order at the end of the day! must say, I'd fancy doing the ride! have ridden in 42 deg in Italy! I wish hubs a good ride!😊

  • So sorry to hear about your friend, Dave. Hope he makes a good recovery. With a bit of luck there might be witnesses who can shed some light on the causes of the accident, but driving away from the scene doesn't look good! Good that you have a run with your wife to take your mind off everything. Wish I could get my old man out running with me 😀

  • Kick the om off the couch AM! lol😁

  • Oh Dave , I am so sorry to read of your friend, the poor man ((( )))

    How quickly life can change in a heartbeat...

    The fact that he is responsive is a positive though isnt it and youve got to hold on to that.

    All the best xxx

  • Sorry to read that Dave, hope your mate is starting to recover. It is hard to focus on anything else when something like that happens. . Hope you are doing okay. Linda

  • Thanks Linda, hope you're keeping the Parkruns going at Nonsuch..

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