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Outed as a beginner runner!

When a friend mentioned this morning that he's doing a charity run but doesn't know how to train, my wife volunteered: 'Chris is running' and told him about C25K.

It was natural enough for her to say this, but it made me realize - I haven't really told anyone that I've started running! And I felt weirdly embarrassed about it when I told our friend about it.

It was a big step putting a picture on my profile recently. I really don't know why the hang-up! Maybe I still think running is an elite sport and that people will laugh at the thought of me professing to run? Or maybe I am not making it known so if I back out before week 9, nobody need know I failed.

Whatever the reason, it's great to be part of the online community, for advice and encouragement. I start week 4 tomorrow, so still early days. I can't wait for Laura to tell me in a few weeks that I can consider myself a real runner, and manage a good stretch without needing a recovery walk!

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Read an article today in a running magazine and it quite rightly stated that if you are out there running (however slow, whaterver the distance) you are a real runner!!!

I was the opposite to you and told the world that I was starting to run...the support I've got from family, friends and colleagues has been amazing and part of what helps keep me going.

Good luck with week 4 :)


You are definitely a real runner when you read running magazines! : )


It's good that you've come out as a runner!! I've told lots of people, they were both amazed and very supportive - I hope they remember that when it's time for me to do the Race for Life and I approach them with my sponsorship form ;)

Well done for doing the first 3 weeks, I'm sure you'll really enjoy the next 3 (which I've just completed) and then you can proudly say you're a runner!!!


Yep, I'm really looking forward to bringing it up a gear and running for longer blocks. Then I'll feel more 'legit' calling myself a runner!


Odd the things we think others will think - it's never quite how we make it up to be though.

Some of my family laughed initially mainly through shock I think, and the picture of me in running leggings lol :) (it wasn't cruel laugh) but since then they've been really impressed, in fact one of sisters completed her wk1 r1 today!! :) ( now she's in running leggings too and her 10 year old wishes she wasn't lol but he's still riding his bike alongside his mum :) ) My work colleagues have been tracking progress and encouraging me ( I work with people who keep their fitness up for their job) I've even got a colleague and friend running with me now, I've had magazines given to me and top tips and my friends who run have been the most delighted of all.

Then there's the lovely people here in our online community who share the pain, frustration and simple joy of what we are doing, I agree with you it's great :)

You are 'out' now, enjoy :)

Got a feeling that may be just may be you might consider supporting your friend train for that charity run... And if I can be so bold to make a prediction... By week 7 you may well start thinking about running one yourself :) lol there really is no telling what this running thing can do to your head and your confidence lol


Ha ha, yes indeed, it's good to embrace my new idenity as a runner!

Am even going to make sure to pack my running kit on holiday next week - couldn't imagine going a whole 5 days wthout a run!


Ah officially addicted then?! I think anyone who is out there running IS a runner! I am so glad to have this little community to get inspiration from when I'm having a bummer of a week, or just reading the funny little stories :) I think you deserve a pat on the back for coming out:) I was the opposite, told everyone who was interested and many that weren't! I bore people stupid with the whole thing but I don't care, It's my passion, so shout it from the rooftops YOU ARE A RUNNER!!! :)


YES YES I AM! LOL! My wife will be very glad for others to know, so I can bore them and not just her!


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