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New Sports Range announced

Lidl (other stores are available) UK launch their new Crivit Pro brand in the UK on Monday,  Shorts, tops, bras, socks etc (funny they launch here in Northern Ireland tomorrow, and have a much larger range - including two types of running shoes, standard and minimalist, compression tops etc.

Review of some items here

review of running top here -

review of undershorts here -

Anyone here use minimalist shoes, if so can you tell us about the difference between minimalist and standard as regards running in them - be interesting since I don't know much about them.

Anyhow, their tops etc are usually great quality for less money than other brands.

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I bought a top, capri's and running socks a few weeks ago and they were really good value for money.  Aldi have running things in this week apparently (from thursday) so will have a little look there too.


Ta for the heads up  aldi sale starts tomorrow 

I love my lidl capris, and their bra is my favourite!  I shall be there as I need another 😊 

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Anybody use minimilist running shoes?

I was going to get them to try today but grew yellow feathers and squawked my way out of the store instead - they seemed very very light, very fine sole (made up from umpteen layers), I can see how it would feel like wearing next to nothing, but can't see how it would suit my parkrun which has some mud/trail bits as the sole is quite flat.


Aldi are doing free delivery on some of their running range in case anyone doesn't live near one like me.


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