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Just started after buy a new sports watch


So 56 and just started this program last night, the 8th 1 minute run was a struggle, I know this gets better but body telling me 'are you mad!'. The 9th week seems such a long way off from a fitness point of view.

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You will be surprised at how quickly your fitness improves. But remember to take things steady too - the programme may be just nine weeks but the change is for Life and your running journey will hopefully be long! There is no rush🙂 Good luck!


Huge congratulations on starting!!! That's the biggest step and you've already done it!

Just take your time and go slow and steady ;)

Enjoy your rest day. Do some stretches and go for a walk to help your muscles relax ;)


Great time to start running.

Don't get too hung up on sports watch stats......... this is all about building stamina, so go as slow as you need to.


I think there are two types of people on the forum, those who love stats and those who like relaxed runs. If you are in the former camp, then you might be motivated by a bit of kit. However at the moment you just need to concentrate on completing the job in hand IMHO


If you struggle, slow down - or even better, don't even go fast in the first place. Your body is figuring out what's going on but won't be long before all parts of engine are working in unison and you are free. The program will wizz by in no time, you will ran way more than you thought possible ;)


One step at a time. Chew up the programme in tiny bites

I don't see why anyone would think trying to get fit is mad. Seems very sensible to me 🙂

I was 56 when I started the programme. I am 60 in November and training for a marathon. Prior to that I couldn't run the length of myself

It's fun 😃 Best thing is, that the best way to complete the programme is by going very slowly. How fab is that 😃🏃‍♀️👍✔️

OldflossAdministrator in reply to misswobble

So true.. and you are awesome!!!


Love it! Ignore the mutterings.. of course your body wonders what is happening!

Listen to it, but don't let it fool you.. take it slow and steady, take your rest days and follow the programme. You will get there!!


I'm 64 thought I would never get past first minute but I've just got to week 5 and am so amazed little by little you can do this


I know where you're coming from 59 soon to be 60, stopped smoking in March after a lifetime.

That 1st run was a bugger but here I am tomorrow r3w4, dreading next week but then again last week I felt the same about this week.

Every week is a challenge


Hopefully some will find it encouraging that I gave up smoking , aged 67, at the end of last year (2016) after having smoked for 55 years. To keep me busy I started catching pokemon – absurd I know - and walking up to 12 miles a day which resulted in me losing 5kg in weight but it took up too much time. So on the 23 June I started c25k and on the 14th July I completed my 20 minute run. Since then I haven’t followed the programme but simply set myself goals as things progressed using the ‘map my run’ app. Yesterday I completed 5k so I am very grateful to Sarah Millican for the encouragement she gave me and to Amazon music for the background running music which I found very useful in keeping me going; although I would hate to listen to the incessant beat when not running. What I am confident about is that if I can do this anyone can because I was not previously a physically active person and I am too hedonistic to have much self discipline.


Good on you, I'm 57 and have just started too. I know just what you mean!


It must be an over '50' young thing as that's the magic number that kicked my backside off the couch ... yes week 9 is daunting at week 1 ... I focused on one week at a time even to the case of writing R on the calendar my code for that day !!

Anyway good luck you can do it we are all here with you 🏃🏼‍♀️🏃🏼‍♀️


It's shocking isn't it when you start?! I'm only mid week 3 (gearing up now to my second run) but I promise you'll be amazed by your development. I couldn't even complete every 60 second run on the first day and now just two weeks later I can do 3 minutes! I know it's not the marathon, but mighty oaks etc... Good luck!


Well done on starting - that's the hardest bit! And welcome to the club! I'm a recent 'graduate' & still find it hard but I'm now running for 30 mins (sometimes a little more). I have to keep reminding myself that just 3 months ago I couldn't even complete w1r1 fully! You can do this & yes, it does get easier, or rather you get better. 😉


I felt exactly like that 9 weeks ago and I did my graduation run this morning. I am 54 never run before and apart from walking the dogs did no exercise. I trusted the program and there were times when I thought you must be joking when I read what the next weeks program was. However wise people on here told me not to look ahead to take it one run at a time and slow and steady and you know what it works. Enjoy the program and good luck.

No worries, you've got this. The program is slow and steady increases. I started the C25K after my wife gave me her old Fitbit. It's strange how those things compel you to get moving! Good luck you can do it!

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