Foam rollers have come to Chile & new sport embarrassment

Foam rollers have come to Chile & new sport embarrassment

Finally I have a foam roller and not a moment too soon as my calves are starting to complain.

Here is a picture of my foam roller and my race t-shirt for Sunday. I wasn't sure about green but I like it now.

A gave tennis ago for the first time ever today. Balls were flying everywhere it was actually very embarrassing 😳. I didn't think I was going to be that awful. Also I don't know why but I was galloping around the court rather than running! It was terrible but we have the rackets and the balls now so we are going every week. Plus I am going to practise alone in the week. Wish me luck and maybe kick me up the ar*e!! I really felt like I was back in pe lessons which I hated at school but now I wish I could do more sports.

So has doing c25k made you want to try other sports, activities that you have never done before?


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17 Replies

  • Well, I did the first chin up of my adult life a few weeks ago if that counts? :) Best of luck for tomorrow.

  • Thank you, I have also tried those chin ups but didn't manage them 😞. All in good time, master one thing at a time!

  • I do chin ups too. I lift my chin up to see where the packet of peanuts is.

  • Good Luck for tomorrow Vix ! Let us know how you go on ! :-) xxx

  • Thank you! Today was fab I will put up a race report shortly!

  • Oh great ! Looking forward to reading it ! :-) xxx

  • Tennis? Good luck! Lovely t-shirt, and hope the 10k goes well today :) Never used a foam roller in my life.

    Good on you for exploring new sports. I'm toying with idea of doing some swimming, and learning to do the crawl. It's supposed to be better for your knees than breast stroke. To be honest though, my main motivation is that I get freaked out by men swimming in my wake wearing swimming goggles.

  • Thank you! Today was fab!!

    I can't swim very well as i hate putting my face in water. your not suppose to swim without contacts but then i can't see to its a bit of catch 22. I just plod along merrily doing my own style.

  • Good luck with the race Viz, I love the green T-shirt.

    You're very brave trying tennis. I have zero hand to eye coordination, so tennis is my idea of hell. Good for you for trying new stuff though. I tried the old 30 Day Shred and will go back to it. It finds the muscles other workouts leave untouched xxx

  • Thank you AM! I have just learnt hand eye co-ordination is not my strong point but i aint giving up just yet. They might kick me off the courts but I am not going to be put off. Even if I have to take lessons in the UK. Only 8 months left in Chile and only a few races left before summer starts and then we will packing up for homeward bounds. 😀

  • Good luck for the race Vix, is it still hot there?

  • Today was usually warm! its going to be low 20's but it doesn't get unbearable until DEC/JAN/FEB/March time. Its will start getting warm in October so today was the perfect running temperature. Garmin said 10degrees but i don't believe it!

  • I've found Garmin to be consistently under by about 6 C. It's coolig down here now, only 31 C today, and tomorrow should have lots of rain - hooray!

  • Yeah core training!!!! Squats- Squats and blinkin more squats haha oh and push ups never done them before and its hard :) think I would like to try badminton as not done so since very young x I too have foam roller oooh the joy and the pain haha good luck with the 10 K xx

  • Thank you, I think i will like my foam roller!! Squats - i must do more !!They are good and really there is no excuse but i lapse every now and again.

  • I like the Tee shirt!!!!! Foam roller hell!!!!! Be careful with it. I watched some video clips on youtube on how to use them properly

  • I started Shredding again Mum and got to Day 10. I've had to stop again though since seeing the physio. I'll take it back up again though once I get the all clear as I think there's nothing like it for getting fitter and losing a bit of weight.

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