W6R1 - Whoops!

I did this run on Friday and I must say I found it really hard. I managed to do it (yay!) but it felt much harder than running for 20 minutes straight(?) I think, for me, I started off way too fast with my 'I can run for 20 minutes now, this'll be easy' attitude and also found it hard to run again once the walking part was up....So for race 2 of this week I will remember to pace myself and not to be so cocky lol :D

How did you guys find it?


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20 Replies

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  • Hello, I'm due to go out later today to do it, so thanks very much for the tip! Like you I feel I can do anything after the 20 minutes "I"m the king of the world, baby", so I'll take it nice and slow. Good luck with run number 2.

  • Lol :) Yep, pace yourself and you should be fine. I've read so many blogs on here giving that exact advice - I'm just too eager lol ;)

    Good luck too :)

  • I did this run this morning and it was just rubbish! You do feel you ought to be able to breeze through it after that last 20 minutes we sailed through last week, but how wrong can you be. I wonder why it is - it does seem to be a recurrent complaint by runners on this site. Well, at least we're not alone. Let's hope the next one is better. Good luck to you on that!

  • How wrong indeed lol :D I guess our bodies (especially our legs) are still recovering from running for 20 minutes, which is probably why we're back to intervals again for a short while before going back to pure running. I just can't believe how hard it was..not really looking forward to day 2 today but I'll give it my all :)

    Good luck for run 2 :)

  • Exactly the same thing happened to me on w6r1, I think that the plan does that on purpose to make sure you still remember to pace yourself!! I remember wondering if I'd suddenly lost all fitness over a three day period - but I was more sensible on w6r2 and quickly back on track!

  • I think you're right LuciRose! I'll definately be pacing myself tonight when I pop out for W6R2. I have to keep reminding myself that it's about completing the time not being a sprinter :)

    Well done on graduating btw!! :)

  • Thanks LuciRose, that's really reassuring. Got to do what Laura says and if struggling slow down - although I'm pretty slow as it is! But as my aim (at the moment) is the 30 minutes rather than the 5k I suppose it doesn't matter.

  • You're not the only slow one ;) But like you said, it's more about the time not the distance at this point. Epic mileage will come later :D

    How are you finding the program so far?

  • Did the w6r1 this afternoon and it wasn't easy but I followed all your advice and went nice and slow - I think it helped. I also kept thinking, well I don't have to do 20 minutes so it's not so bad. I find that putting things into perspective helps! All in all it was okay except the usual first 5 minutes struggle to get my breathing under control.

    Good luck to all with the rest of week 6!

  • Well done you! It really is the best advice - pace yourself and when you've got a minute or so left go for it if you've still got the energy :) Keep up the good work! :)

  • I did this yesterday and like so many found it really difficult. I nearly laughed (if I'd had the energy) when Laura advises us to take it easy and pace ourselves?! Due to family stuff I am out til gone midnight tonight so my usual Weds 6am run will have to be the treadmill in the pm instead - I still cannot go out when people are around, Good luck all

  • Well done on completing the run!! It really is tiring - I had more energy when I ran for 20 minutes which is strange...

    Keep it up & and well done for keeping the running up even when you can't venture outside - that's dedication. I hated being out in public at first but I slowly got used to it and, as I'm running, I'm never around for long lol :) It just takes time to get comfortable with it - it'll come :)

    Good luck with your next run!!

  • Agree found this week tougher than the long run, strange really :) Well done and keep going, nearly there :)

  • Thanks Zagel! It really is strange! I can't believe how far we've come! No more intervals now eh - just pure running! :D

  • This is weird. I just posted how hard I found w6r1 in a separate post then saw this thread. Seems like I am not alone! It is reassuring to get through today. It seems like this is the obstacle to break more so than w5r3

  • Well done BJR!! :) I think week 6 is a shocker because you know the first time you run for 20 minutes will be a challenge and once you've done w5r3 you think running for 10 minutes will be a breeze... :)

    Good luck with the rest of week 6 :)

  • Well done you for completing it! but i do have to agree with you and everyone else it is tough! i'm due to do the W6R3 tomorrow... fingers crossed lol!!!

  • I'll be doing the same race tomorrow...let me know how you get on :) good luck!!

  • Hi Rosey21. Yesterday you asked how have I found the program so far. It's been life changing for me quite frankly. The confidence it has given me has been extraordinary. You don't think you could ever run in your life and then after just 5 weeks you're going for 20 minutes - it's incredible. The pace seems to be just right for everyone and the idea of sharing our experiences together makes it feel such a pleasure. Before I started I had problems with confidence when driving (resulting from a car accident several years back). Suddenly a switch flicked over in my head and now I just think 'I can do that'. I'm sure it's a general mental mind change that the running has produced in me. I refuse to be deflated by the odd poor run too - we're all in it together and encounter similar problems, and push through them! Well done to whoever the people were who created this running plan!

  • Hi runningwomen :) its lovely to hear the positive effects the program has had on you so far and I totally agree with the mental change this program seems to develop !! It really is an amazing program and being able to talk to others who are going or have been through the same thing is really motivating and encouraging :) Keep up the hard work and good luck!! :)

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