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Week 6 Run 3 tomorrow!


Hey, I was prettu much a couch potato hadnt really done much excersise at all for the past 10 years! but after my dad suffered a heart attack i decided i have to get fitter! so here i am, got my 25 minute run tomorrow, really think i wont be able to complete it, (really want to) does anyone have any tips?

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Go slow and steady and START TO BELIEVE IN YOURSELF :)

Sorry for shouting! You have the desire to do it so trust in the programme- it's got you this far- and trust in yourself- you've done all the work to get yourself this far.

Go out tomorrow armed with all the mental weapons and armour to keep the gremlins at bay, keep it slow and steady, one foot in front of the other and smash it!

Good luck :)


Give us one good reason why you won't succeed! You've already run 20 mins non-stop, you've done the programme so far - why on earth should you fail when you only have to run an extra 5 minutes? Go slow and steady and just do it. 

We believe in you because this programme is good!


Start out slow and then slow down some more! You can do this - everything in the programme has led you up to this. Have faith and just go for it! 

Good luck!

Thanks for all the motivation! i do believe i can do it, i WILL do it!

I'll report back tomorrow on how i have done!

You and me in same boat tomorrow W6R3 🤔🙏😊👍 we got this


Best of luck for tomorrow! 


you can absolutely do it! Its not such a big step as wk5 r3 and if you managed that you can do another 5 mins!


Yes echoing what's already been said, believe in yourself Nd it's only five minutes more. Get your breathing right and the rest will fall into place 😀

Trust that you can do it, even if it feels tough. Everyone doubts they'll manage the longer runs - then they find they can! You ran for 20, you'll run for 25.


How did it go sadaka?

I've just got in from w6r2 and am also slightly wary of the longer unbroken runs but the program has got us this far, we CAN do it. My only tips are slow and steady and mind over matter, I think that pretty much covers it!! :-)

Like you I haven't been a particularly active person but my mum had a life altering stroke last year at the age of 57 and I am absolutely determined to look after my health now.

hey all, not been out yet, i tend to go out after work so after 6pm - but i will go out no matter what! and i will report back today/tomorrow! thanks everyone for your kind words!

Hey Ive been out and it was amazing! I ran (well kinda jogged slowly) lol! I was very slow, my entire walk with the 25 minute run was 2.6 miles. But I will work on my pace over the next few weeks as all of next week is 25 minutes runs. 

My plan is to complete this plan then start the 5k to 10k! Hopefully will run the marathon next year! 

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