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No More ITIC Shuffle

Today I decided to focus a little on my running "style" - I use the term loosely - and decided to lift my knees up a bit more, mainly because my normal shambly, shuffly gait will have me going base over apex before much longer, I feel.   Before graduating  I could care less about placement of knees and feet other than one in front of the other and preferably in that order.  This is still only my 4th 30 minute non stop run and I am amazed at how my stamina is gradually creeping up.

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Well done :) 

To look back just a number of weeks when seconds of running was a challenge, the progression of stamina is amazing.

It's great that you got a really good 30 minute consolidation run and the space in your head to move on to technique just confirms the progression too.

Good job itic x


Thanks jt. Micro achievements gradually build and I think it's important to mark them and remember them, because that's the support you fall back on when you have one of those diabolical runs. 

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