Granny-Shuffle forever?

Hi everyone. Not posted for a while but hoping for some reassurance. I got to end of W7 then had to stop for a couple of weeks and started W6 . Did run1 twice and then run2 twice , but it feels so hard, even when I slow down so much that one foot hardly lands in front of the other. I don't think it helps that I'm rather ..ahem..pear shaped and I'm jogging with the equivalent of a small child strapped to each thigh. Anyway, just felt like a little 'I'm rubbish and will never be fit' moan. Thanks for listening.

I'm not giving up though and I even get a bit twitchy if I've no exercise planned in a day. (That last feeling is astonishing, I'd heard people describe it but thought they must be insane or lying! ) So i must be improving something somewhere... See I'm doing my own pep talk now. ( would still welcome others though :) Happy running/shuffling everyone. Hope there are some other granny shufflers on here .... Xxx


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  • I'm 56 and can identify with granny shuffling. Sometimes I'm just dragging my body round but that's ok as I'm finding that I am getting better in parts of the run, and surprise myself sometimes by just keep pushing on through and not giving up. Any running is better than no running. Also as you run regularly, combined with a healthy diet, you will lose weight and I think running lighter will help. Don't go to fast either! There's nothing wrong with steady plodding to build stamina. Vary your run routes to keep life interesting. I'm trying to speed up but I've not really managed it yet but it's not for the want of trying. I'm just going to keep plugging away so I hope you will to. I think we expect miracles sometimes. LOL

  • Aw. Thanks Misswobble. That's encouraging. I'll try to focus on the fact that I'm moving at all, and,as you say, just having parts of the run feeling better is a positive sign. I know running lighter will help, it's why I started , but I haven't managed the healthy diet yet, I keep eating the calories I've burned, in the form of creme eggs(!). Now though I feel like losing weight so that my runs go better... Hopefully that'll be the change of perspective that'll do it for me. Thanks again for your inspiration :) x

  • I'm 53 and granny shuffle too! But, my shuffles are slightly faster than they were in week 1, and my huffing and puffing doesn't last quite as long, so I figure that means things are improving! Its great that you haven't given up and think back to week 1, I bet you have improved since that one. Also you admit you get twitchy if you haven't planned exercise, so there, pep talk over. Have fun x

  • Thank you NoExcuse. Yes you're right I must have improved since week one. I am feeling pepped up again now, I think my brain blurs out the memory of how horrible the first 10 mins were the more time passes. Is the first 10 mins like that for you guys? I feel so much like I'm not going to make it this time... every time, but it doesn't last the whole run ( usually!)

    Hope you're having happy graduate shuffles, I'll be up there with you soon... 'The over50 shufflers' ( I'm 60) Thanks again xx

  • Oh always the first 10 minutes is a bit tough and I think I will never be able to carry on and then before I know it 30 minutes or so has passed! And yes you are nearly there x

  • Oh that's good to know it's not just me. I guess it's less significant as your runs get longer.. Can't wait. :)

  • I've mid 50s and just completed W6. I don't run very fast at all but looking on the positive side I do run faster than I can walk, I don't stop until Laura tells me to and no matter how slow I go, I'm doing more exercise than if I was at home sat on the sofa watching tv and I feel so much better both physically and mentally since starting C25K - so go granny shufflers!

  • Haha , yes go granny shufflers. Sounds like you're doing great! I know what you mean about feeling better all round. It is good isn't it. I just got a bit down about feeling so lumbering compared to fit springy people.. I'll just accept that's not my level... and enjoy where I am!!! :) All the best for week7 .

  • I graduated 18 months ago, run 3 x 5k a week and the first 10 minutes of all of my runs are still horrible and I feel I could give up and go home easily! You sound very determined, which is half the battle. Keep on shuffling, that's my advice, you can always try to increase your speed once you have graduated. But frankly, who cares? You are out ther doing it, that's what counts.

    Good luck.


  • Thanks Chris. That's good to hear. I truly hope I get to the stage you are...just regularly going out there..without all the arguments with myself! Any tips for getting through those first 10 mins? Mind you if it's still like that for you then the answer for me is just man up and get though's only 10 mins. :)

  • None at all I'm afraid. Just stick at it and ignore yourself, that's all I can say!

  • Hello fellow shuffler here I just think of all the people we are lapping sitting on the couch :) keep on going I think it's more of a mental exercise so you obviously have a strong will don't stop I always remind myself how it felt when I could just about run sorry shuffle 1 minute happy shuffling x x :)

  • Hi Kags44.Thank you. It is good to picture other fellow shufflers:) And yes we definitely are faster than the couch surfers! Good luck with yours xx:)

  • Yes, it's easy to lose sight of why we're doing this. For most of us it's about getting fitter and losing some weight, and just staying off that g*d&m^ couch! If you stick at it you will enjoy it more caj62. Keep changing your route to keep life interesting

    Jaqs you will lose weight if you stick at this. Walk on your non-running days and do some other exercise, eat healthy and you'll get the weight down. It took me over a year to do it, slow but sure - a bit like my running LOL

  • :) I've managed 3 days healthy eating so far this week, and do cycling and yoga on non running days. So I do think wanting to lose weight for the running is better motivation than the other way far :) New name..."Slow but Sure Shufflers" Happy running xxx

  • I eat healthy all the time, it's just a habit I'm in now. Gave up takeaways and just do proper food now and I feel a lot better for it. To be honest I don't miss any of it, which is handy. LOL

  • I am 63 and yes I Granny Shuffle too, but then I am a Granny so it's allowed! 😂 I am hoping to eventually be able to run without feeling I have lead weights in my trainers.

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