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Another enjoyable 5k!

Another enjoyable 5k!

After a change of plan today and having to work I was 6000 steps short of my target, I was planning a long walk along the Huddersfield Narrow Canal for 16 miles which would have got me lots of extra steps in but not to be, so out for a 5k run this evening instead. Quite lucky here as we have a Greenway and a canal nearby and I have a 5.75k loop that I follow regularly. I must say I prefer running a fixed distance rather than a fixed time, it's easier to 'see' the finish line. lol

It was a bit stormy out there, strong wind and a bit of rain but somehow there seems to be extra satisfaction completing a run in poor weather, or maybe it's just me thats weird. lol

Hope you have all had a good weekend!!

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Great run Andy! I like to be able to run in a loop too. Running along the canal sounds perfect.


Oh yeah bad weather runs are a feature of the running landscape which you'll grow well accustomed to.  Aldi running sale starts Thursday so get some bad weather gear if you're not yet suitably attired. I got their run jacket and a cap with a light in the brim.

Spent a bit of time in Huddy as the sprogs went to uni there, and my aunt lived in Briguss (as she used to call it).  Happy days ☺

Off for an 8k run now, and the sun is out! 


Like the sound of your loop😀

I like the familiarity of a fixed loop/distance too


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