Week 6 Completed!

Got my 25 minute run out the way and done it 1st time. 

Started way too fast, then slowed for 2nd 5 min slot, then slowed again for the middle 5 mins, then brought it back for the last 10. I was going to try to speed up for the last minute but legs said no. Only covered 3.6 km so I must have been slow!  

Week 7 next. 

I feel like a runner, I may not look like a runner coz I wobble a LOT 😀 

I have another personal challenge. Another something to quit to make me even more healthy,  and I thought if I post it here, it means I am accountable for my personal promises to myself, that if I fail,  it's my fault and I'm letting myself down. 

It's time to stop smoking...😵

I can't carry on running,  getting healthy,  combatting my hashimotos and chronic IBS and still puff away every.single.day. 

Onwards,  upwards and may my lungs be forever thankful! 

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  • Congratulations on finishing wk6 and also for your new goal with the smoking.  I too just did the w6r3 this morning, and it was tough but I did it, despite feeling rough yesterday, and thinking I wouldn't do it today.  I'm also doing about 3k so I guess that's normal.  Well done you and let's keep going.  You now know you can stick to a goal, so smoking should be a breeze - just have to run to take your mind of it 🙂

  • Thank you Debbie45, well done on your run too! And I feel validated that 3k is the norm! 

    I did think too if I was craving then run til the craving has gone. Even if it's a 5 min jog it has got to be better than smoking...

    Off to see my Dad but all I want to do is rest today, joys of family Sundays 😠

    Take care,

    Kate x 

  • I would think if you've survived till Week 6, giving up smoking should be a breeze.  Mind over matter (and possibly a patch or two!).  Good luck.

  • Well done..on ALL counts! Best thing you will ever do... :)

  • You don't have to worry about distance, but for what it's worth from me, 3.6 km is sounding pretty darn good :)

    Well done RUNNER :)

    Solid runs now, no looking back, hope you take kicking the habit in your stride too :)

    Are you going to try a stop-plan or go it solo? I have absolutely no personal idea about it but have a few friends who have gone to e-cig with just the flavoured vape-stuff, no nicotine (? if that makes sense) and are coping well.

    Good luck :)

  • Thank you all.

    Jt I quit before with patches, will be going with those this time. They do make me feel and be sick if I start on the larger dose, then drop down to level 2. I'm also, if I find it tough, going to consider hypnotherapy.  Not tried vaping, not sure I want to, I see people at work rummaging around for USB cables to charge them all the time! 

  • I presume there'll be a quitting forum here on Health Unlocked too? Don't know if that would be any good but I know it's helped with the running. I get it's completely different, just handy when you're surrounded by those who get the issues xx

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