W5R1 Fasted run

Beautiful sunny morning here in Scotland. Quite fresh but perfect for running. Woke up had hot water and lemon, pulled on my running gear, knocked back a coffee and went out and nailed run 1 of week 5. Does anyone else run fasted? It seemed to work well for me today. Feeling good although run 3 of this week looks quite daunting.  If my legs feel ok tomorrow I'm going to try run 2. My husbands off to Germany on business for a few days so tomorrow morning is my only slot for a bit that I can get out on my own.


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15 Replies

  • Well done on the run. Great job.

    Yes I normally try & run first thing with no more than some water & coffee in me. It works for me.

    If however I plan on doing more than 5k I normally have at least half a banana before going out.

    I'm also in Scotland & you're spot on. It was perfect running weather first thing. Lobg may that continue😊

  • Hope so. After many years living in London I really appreciate being back in Scotland with its stunning scenery.  When you get a day like this there's no place I'd rather be. Love getting out for a run here. 

  • Yes, I do. Generally always first thing in the morning before breakfast. I also do the 5:2 eating plan, so two of my weekly runs are usually the morning after a "fast" day, when I've eaten very little. I've not yet found it to be a problem. Very occasionally I have half a banana, just in case. I've not yet tried running on the morning of a fast day. 

  • Well done :)

    I've only done it twice and safe to say- it's not for me! I'm not a morning person at the best of times but I just felt 'very lacking' not having eaten. Maybe just psychological though. What is good is mixing up your running times and conditions and tuning-in, finding out what suits you best. 

    Good luck :)

  • Lol I'm not a morning person either but I felt quite strong this morning...quite good getting out early before work and the kids tire me out 😊 

  • Always do morning runs and workouts fasted.

  • I run in the morning before breakfast on an empty stomach. Up to 5 k is no problem. Longer runs I tend to do at the weekend in the afternoon. But I've never had any problems "running empty". I have noticed that I tend to be faster in the afternoons - but I'm not racing and if I don't run first thing there is a real risk I won't run at all. 

  • I always run first thing on empty - just a glass of water then I'm out the door.

  • Morning runs up to 5k, on empty. Over 5k and I will have a banana or some malt loaf.  Evening and afternoon runs, as long as I wait a couple of  hours or so after eating that's fine, but I prefer morning runs if possible. :-)  

  • Thanks. 🌻

  • I have run fasted first thing( well after a couple of cuppas) but usually run after work 6pm ish so not applicable. I did that run yesterday and found it exhausting- really struggled with the last five minutes and my legs were so heavy and aching . Am going to take two rest days this weekend due to other commitments and then try 5-1 again on Monday before moving on as I really don't feel ready for more of a challenge at the moment. .,, the next one has 8 minutes!! And as for run three..... Good luck!!!

  • I know. The thought of 8 mins is daunting at this stage but there's been a few runs lately where I almost find stopping to walk makes it harder to get going again. I'm going to give it a shot. Hoping to do it tomorrow but just noticed the weather's not meant to be so good in the morning so we'll see. Good luck with your next run x

  • Thanks! And good luck for tomorrow. Lovely weather here today in perthshire so wish it had been a running day ! 

  • Yes, I always run first thing in the morning before breakfast, water only. 

  • I don't think I have done it on purpose, I've just got up on a Saturday or two and headed out while it was sunny after having a drink and maybe a banana or something. I feel a bit unsure if it's better to do that or not? I guess it depends on the person, some might need more fuel. However, lunch and then run today did not work well for me. Happy to take advice on this!

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