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week 7 day 3 - yeah

So, despite the trepidation of my earlier two runs I managed to complete day 3 of week 7. I started much slower (or so I thought) and looking at my pace over time it was pretty stable. The run was taxing towards the end, but in a 'yeah, ok, this is tough, but just keep going' as oppose to the earlier runs which were 'no, I can't do this, I have to stop' (even if I somehow managed to keep going.

Still nervous about week 8 - those 3 extra minutes are paid for out of the pain at the end of the run right? :-)

My tactic (as ever) is to just start slowly. Each week 7 run was about 4.1km (including the walks) - I am expecting week 8 to be slightly further, but I am aiming for a consistent, sustainable pace rather than distance.

Bring it on!

P.S. Still can't believe I am on week !8! - woot.

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Start slow then taper.

And don't take any crap about your weirdo shoes.

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Unfortunately, on the field I run the bigger problem is avoiding getting that on them. It's great having breathable toe gloves and all, but breathable works both ways :-).


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