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Week 6 - day 3 - yeah!

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Yeah! - week 6, day 3 done and the trend of going further and further (albeit a little slower) continues - 3.96k (including walk).

Still much slower than I would like but hey - I just ran for 25 minutes straight at a pretty even pace so there! :-)

Rather than listening to my usual Christian Pop/Rock (Petra, Michael W Smith, Amy Grant, Newsboys etc.) I thought I would listen to Wagner's The Ring Cycle for a change. I was amazed at how different the experience was. Previous runs felt a bit like different segments stitched together, one segment per song. Today it just felt like one continuous run.  The music kept my interest without being distracting - probably my most enjoyable run ever. 

I also got that fantastic feeling where the pace is right, the breathing is right and you feel like you can go forever :-) OK - <4K is hardly forever but I'm getting there!

Bring on week 7!

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Well done, you're in the land of constant running now 😀

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yatescoGraduate in reply to B0bP

Thanks Bob! I will go so far as to agree with a constant DESIRE to run :-). Really looking forward to the 30minute milestone and then the 5K milestone.

Michael W Smith!  That's a blast from the past.  Simon Mayo used to play one of his songs on the breakfast show when my husband and I were courting (major euphemisim there - we courted like rabbits in those days!).  Happy memories!

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Well done....sounds wonderful...

I often get that could go on for ever feeling..but usually in the car, ( especially at night),  or on my cycle... Always have to turn and head home though :)

Go you..onwards and upwards...:)

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Ha ha - becoming an addict by the sound of it! Well done - no more walk breaks now. Sounds like you're doing really well

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I'm at the same stage as you and can't get over how much I love running. I'm constantly thinking about getting my trainers on and going for a good run! Good luck for week 7 :) 

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Thanks all. 

I kept hearing about the 'running bug' and was envious of those that had it (because I didn't). I wanted it, as running suits my mindset (even if not my body!) but it never appealed. 

Now - yep, well and truly bitten by the bug :-).

Fantastic well done. Dreading my R3 again tonight. Seems to be my weekend run that I just dread for some reason. Hoping I manage the full 25mins tonight. 

You've done brilliantly. I love seeing everyone's progression x

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yatescoGraduate in reply to vickyb5277

I am sure you will Vicky - good luck!

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