What's your favorite thing about losing weight?

So, I'm still a few days away from being able to run again as my ankle is holding me hostage and I'm stalled at the end of week 7. To cheer myself up, I thought I'd start a positive post about the upside of adopting a healthier lifestyle. Here goes...

My favourite thing about losing the weight (two stone for me...) is being able to choose and wear lovely clothes (in a nice dress size!) which has improved my confidence no end. 


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19 Replies

  • I am also down two stone, if you round it up a bit 😉

    I'm enjoying being able to take my trousers down without undoing the button and zip. Saves time.

    I know it's 80% diet, 20% exercise, but my favourite thing about my "journey to fitness" is how running makes me feel.

    And I'm very sorry, celtprof, but I had thought you were a chap 😶 Except maybe you are a chap who likes wearing dresses, which is of course totally cool.

  • No worries! I have rediscovered  my love of dresses now that I have the confidence to wear them again 😄

  • I don't know where I got the idea from. Maybe because i am a giant sexist and assume prof = bloke 😕

  • Enjoying wearing fitted clothes instead of the baggier the better, my hip bones being more prominent than my tummy!  But the one bad thing about it that nobody ever mentions is that you feel blummin freezing all the time!  Will probably feel thankful for that in the summer though.  

  • Ah.  Clearly not menopausal yet then??!!

  • No sign yet thank goodness!

  • You'll be craving the winter then!!  I just LOVE standing by the back door letting all that expensive gas central heating float out while I flush and glow (sweat demurely - not)!!!

  • You'll have to change your username, it seems! Builtforspeed?

  • Having the confidence to wear slim fitting clothes. Also being able to wear old favorites from the back of the wardrobe!

    2 stones loss for me, but stubbornly holding out at a BMI of 27...

  • I dream of a BMI of 27. Except BMI isn't a meaningful indicator of anything much at all.

  • No, but it's nicer than >200 pounds...  

  • Discovering my abs, and with them, my inner narcissist.

  • Being able to watch tv in the evening without undoing my jeans.  Which, by the way, is out of the question at the moment as I seem to have inadvertently picked up about five pounds from somewhere ...

  • I love the confidence it gives me its something I never really had before. Also I have always tried to be greatful and  positive but running  has taken it to a whole new level! And finally I log running because it has got me through  some tough times and given me the lifestyle and new friends in my area (its the only way to meet people 😊) Can you tell I'm a convert 😂 ! Happy running and a great post btw.

  • Fitting in my clothes better is flipping brilliant (obvs) but I think my most favourite thing about losing weight is how my body feels when I'm exercising. I've not lost much yet and have plenty to go but I've lost about 10 lbs off my tummy and it makes a massive difference to how my core feels when running or doing zumba.

    Great post btw! 

  • It's the only thing I can easily find again after I lost it... XD

  • This is unbelievably unexciting, but I lost three stone and when I do the thigh stretch (lifting my foot up and backwards towards my buttocks) my foot now touches my butt! I had never been able to get my leg up enough to touch my butt like the skinnier people in gym classes so the day I could, I could have jumped around in excitement! 

  • Fabulous answer! I hope you did jump around! You deserve to- losing weight is hard work. Well done!

  • I've nearly lost 4 stone- 3.5 pre-c25k. My favourite thing is to be a size 16 and to be able to walk into ANY shop I choose and be able to fit into clothes rather than just the shoes ;) Feels fabulous just blending into the masses and not being 'the fatty' :)

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