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Exercise & Losing Weight

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Hello everyone!

This is my first post on here. I am just about to start week 4 of couch to 5k. I also do slimming world but I’m struggling to lose the weight and have started to become obsessed with it. I’m 5ft 1 and weigh 10st 2 and I seem to hover round this each week by losing 1/2lb and gaining 1/2 the following week. I run 3 times a week with a days rest in between as recommended by the app but should I be doing more exercise such as swimming or something or have the rest day ready for my next run?

13 Replies
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I usually have a long walk on rest days - nothing difficult, but it keeps the joints moving and burns some calories. Losing weight is difficult, especially if (like you) you don’t have all that much to lose. I must admit I had a lot to lose, so what with C25K, the walking and a sensible diet it began to disappear at around week 4 and hasn’t stopped since. Good luck!

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GingernutterGraduate in reply to telford_mike

I'm liking the sound of that! Just started week 4! Fingers crossed

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You might want to do something else on rest days if you feel you can, I know lots do. I didn't but after following a diet and C25K I started losing weight around week 9. I stuck to 3 runs a week after graduating and the weight came off very well from there. 2 or 3lbs a week. It's the 30min runs that really helps to get the weight off! Stick with it, it will happen x

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Hi. I'm also doing slimming world and my weight loss was same until I started the longer runs of 20minutes and more. My weight loss has risen to 1 1/2-2lb per week since. I know this will not continue as once my body gets used to running the weight loss will slow which is why it is good idea to shake things up by doing different exercises on day not running. Go for a walk or swim. I go to the gym and love lifting weights. Hope this helps.

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I finished C25K yesterday. In the nine weeks of doing it, I also walked most days to do things like shopping etc, did weights a couple of times a week, and in July challenged myself to cover 150 miles on foot, which I completed with about 26 miles of C25K running and 124 miles of walking. Over the whole period, I have also been keeping to 1200-1300 calories most days and recording it all in MyFitnessPal (except for maybe 4-5 days when I needed a break from pushing myself like this).

Over these 9 weeks, I have lost a grand total of 6 lbs :( Mostly I've plateaued for up a week or two at a time. I'm 5ft 4 and weight 11.5 stone at the moment, which means I still need to lose over a stone to slip into the healthy BMI rate. I must admit it's rather discouraging.

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Welcome to the forum and well done on getting started.

C25K is not a weight loss programme, as explained in the guide to the plan healthunlocked.com/couchto5... but exercise does not make you gain weight.

I have never been overweight and do not understand the obsession with scales. You know you are overweight, so why not just reduce your calorie intake and keep exercising until you can see that you are going in the right direction and then check occasionally.

You are laying all the right foundations for being fit and active, so stick with it and I would be surprised if you do not see a change soon.

This FAQ post may be helpful healthunlocked.com/couchto5...

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It’s not just about losing weight. Just think about the overall health benefits and how good completing each week makes you feel

I got a bit obsessed with weight but decided to let it go and realised that whilst I’ve only lost a few pounds I’m more toned my shape has changed and I feel great after each run

I also started going to yoga once a week as it’s great for toning and is a low impact form of exercise which really works every single muscle. Also helps with core strength and breathing which in turn has helped with the running

Keep going and it will come. Congratulate yourself for what you’re doing

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Thanks for posting that Dory85 I have just done run one of week four and am trying to eat the SW way so great reading people's responses. I guess everyone is different but at some point it will happen!! Well done and good luck with week four!!

I find it really bizarre. In the old days (a month ago) I was regularly eating croissants/choc brioche for breakfast, sandwiches, 3 bags of crisps and Coke for lunch and big curries and pizza (enough for 2 people) for evening meal.

I've swapped almost all of that out for things like Shredded Wheat, soups, salads and the weight did come off when I was walking on a treadmill in the gym everyday. Now I've abandoned the gym 3 days because I do the C25K programme and the weight loss has stopped completely. Even with all that junk food gone!

It's a bit disheartening but I trust other people's posts on here saying it will resume eventually as you start running for longer. I'm wondering what else can I do on the same day as my C25K runs to take exercising up to 60 minutes. I feel like I'm not doing enough as I'm sitting in a chair for most of the day otherwise.

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Denovo in reply to

What I did during my 150 mile on foot challenge in July was to ignore the halfway bell in the C25K sessions and just carry on in the same outward direction until it was time for the cooldown walk. I then turned round and walked back home. That easily took the whole session to over 60 minutes without it feeling difficult.

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I'm on week9 and each 30 min run is only 350ish calories lost. I'm 5.3 and 8st8lb. Im smaller so the losses are smaller for me anyway. On my days I don't run I either box or kickbox and these I have to say lose on average 500-700 calories per 45-60 min session. If you was going to the gym you would have been burning more calories there than the shorter runs. I would definatly be doing more cardio on your off days and you should start to see results again. I started at 11.5st so have lost alot! Please feel free to message if you would like any advise.


Also please measure yourself too, you'll probably find your losing inches rather than scale weight. That for me is much better!

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If you eat healthily and keep moving the weight will shift It will! 💪👍😃

You just have to keep going and never quit

Take a critical look at your food and drink and see if there’s anything there tripping you up Stick to your healthy eating and exercise and things will improve 😃

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I have found my weight hasn’t gone down, but I have lost inches off my legs - sometimes it’s more of a toning thing going on than a weight loss thing.

I walk to and from work 3 days a week, which is about 20 mins of brisk walking each way - you should definitely do more exercise than just C25k, as you don’t really burn many calories until you get to the 30min runs. Brisk walking or swimming would be kinder to your resting legs than, say, aerobics.

Don’t become so obsessed with weight loss that you don’t appreciate the great work you’re doing with the exercise! Good luck.

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