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Losing weight and running

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To be honest, since I started running, my weight has stayed the same (even though I count my calories and I am eating less than I need and I never eat more for exercising)! I have lost 17 lbs now overall (with 20 lbs more to lose) but finding I am stuck and so reduced my daily calories again. Just since yesterday I am also reducing carbs (I know we need carbs but I am cutting them down)! Anyone else with experience of being stuck with weight loss, I would expect running to accelerate losses and I am a little puzzled. Thank you. Julie 😀

11 Replies
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One thing I've heard is that strength training helps with weight loss. Sometimes with cadio training, the body starts to consume muscle instead of fat to make up any metabolic deficit. (So they say). If you're afraid you'll become all scary and muscle bound, as long as you really are going for strength (fewer repetitions of exercises where the resistance is set too high to do more), strong muscle is actually quite lean muscle.

Can't hurt to incorporate some of this in the off days, especially since it's meant to help with the joints, etc, if you do it safely and moderately.

Hmm ... and then there's something you'd probably better leave for later (and in the meanwhile just remind yourself that the solution to the weight loss problem will be applied when the time is right). Again I forget the name, but the high intensity workouts are meant to be very good for weight loss, too. Once you've built yourself up so that it doesn't just keep putting you out on the injury couch, the idea here would be to do really short, really agonising workouts. Whatever you do, you do in such a way that you're gasping by the time you finish, and just about ready to fall over, but you do less.

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It's a bit of a mystery why we don't see weight loss with running, but at least to begin with we don't. It's possible we add muscle/bone/other tissue, but this is very contraversial. The usual response if if you lose weight you lose muscle. Well my legs tell a different story, but there you are.

Gary mentioned hiit and weights. Both are very good for weight loss, though intervals has to be intensive, not just running fast, but as fast as you can. Don't worry even if you get really good at weights you won't get muscle bound - if only it were that easy.

If you are eating below your daily requirement (BMR) you will eventually lose weight or at worst maintain it. So long as you aren't putting weight on you are doing fine. If you are eating 1400 calories for example, try dropping 100 calories, but don't go below 1200. If the weight over time refuses to budge, you could try ALI/Orlistat if your BMI is appropriate. Orlistat is the only weightloss pill I've found that works, but it's prescription only, so see your doctor and find out the side effects.

Persistence is the only answer in the long run, and that's something else you could try. - If you enjoy long runs 10k uses 1000 calories!

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definitely some resistance training is crucial - cardio will burn calories but you need resistance to maintain muscle tissue so what you lose is fat.

Reducing carbs is, IMO, a very good call, not ust for weight loss but for general health. Avoid processed carbs and get your carbs from vegetables - cut out all sugar and stuff lie bread, pasta, rice etc, and focus on green leafy veg, sweet potatoes etc. eat fruit in moderation. Fruit sugars are much better for you than refined sugar but are still sugar.

“Eat meat and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch, and no sugar. Keep intake to levels that will support exercise but not body fat.”

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Puzzled! Don't be

Eat enough!!!! Always eat enough! Don't skimp! It's not necessary or healthy. I have lost nearly five stones but I eat really well and always enough. You need calories when you are active. If you don't eat enough your weight loss will stop, shut down, halt! Your body senses something is up so protects itself

I'm not mad on refined carbs as you can get all the carbs you need from eating proper food, and if you eat lots of fresh veg and fruit you'll get enough carbs. I don't rule them out completely though and sometimes eat rice and pasta as I really like it. I just don't do it often

If you are running and exercising, going to work, and doing a hundred and one things then you need fuel. If you don't get sufficient nutrition you will feel tired and lethargic.

Once you get your meals sorted out, and are mixing up your weekly menus, having avoided sticking to the same meals week in week out, you will see your weight start to shift as your body gets the jolt it needs.

Don't allow yourself to get hungry! Always have good, healthy foods to hand so you have the makings of a meal or snack then you won't eat something you shouldn't or has empty calories. Lean protein, fresh fruit and veg should make up the bulk of your eats

I like exercising at home to fitness DVD's for my strength training and I love all things Jillian Michaels.

Good luck with your weight and exercise. Stick at it. It's not a quick fix but a sustainable way of eating for life.

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Read this and I thought I'd paste it here for you to read too:

It's a physiological fact: Bigger bodies burn more calories, even at rest. That's why the more you have to lose, the quicker you'll see weight loss results. But as you shed pounds, your body adjusts and, frustratingly, burns fewer calories (including while running). So what worked initially will need to be tweaked as you slim down.

Every time you lose 10 to 15% of your weight, readjust your daily calorie intake. Recalculate your exercise burn, too, since that also decreases as you slim down.

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I "think" that I have experienced weight loss - in a series of "waves" .. that is, no weight loss and stable weight - followed by a period of steady weight loss , followed by another period of stable weight , followed by another period of weight loss. etc, etc. Right now, I may even be going though a period of weight gain???

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JoolieB1Graduate in reply to Bazza1234

The body is not a machine and so while the theory is that being calorie deficient will result in weight loss, it can for a time but my body needs time to adjust and I think losing a stone and starting and graduating from C25K probably has my body confused. I lost 2 lb this week so maybe that is the start of losing again because I am very strict on counting calories,I'm eating very well with vegetables and filling meals, so eventually I will reach my goal, thanks. Julie

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Early days for me but I have lost 1kg since starting C25K two weeks ago. No change in diet yet - I definitely need to cut down on snacks!

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JoolieB1Graduate in reply to simonwilliamstutor

I recommend My Fitness Pall, it is a free App and on it u can set weight loss goals, daily calorie allowance and log all food and there is a friendly forum too, worth checking out. Julie

PS I have lost 17 lbs since starting to count calories

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I use MFP too and it links to lots of other useful things like fitbit, wifi scales and the Apple Health app. It's by far the best of the calorie counting apps out there. They've also got Map my Run/Hike/Ride/Fitness which all work seamlessly together.

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Cut out unhealthy snacks Simon. They won't help your running or health in general and they cost a lot! With the money saved you could upgrade your daps. You know it makes sense

The cleaner you eat the better you'll feel. If you don't have snacky stuff in the house you won't eat it. Switch unhealthy snacks for healthy ones. I am making veggie crisps today for example

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