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Hells bells

After not struggling with stamina so far I was expecting W4R3 to be OK. I'd taken advice to try running on a field to lighten the impact on my squiffy knee and this definitely worked almost immediately :-). I was not expecting it to be sooo much more knackering though! I guess it's due to the rain etc but it felt like I was running on sand. W5R1 tomorrow and I'm not sure what to do....pavement or bog basically? 

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Was it just an open field? Early on I did a bit of a run across the open common and found it exhausting as I had to pick my feet up more to clear the grass and bumps, so now I stick to the worn paths and tracks.

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Grass is getting dryer all the time, but u r right, it cannot be guaranteed u will not discover a squishy bog and come back plastered, kinda fun though wasn't it?  My Mum would definitely have told me off for getting dirty LOL!  Just keep exploring to find some firmer ground.  It is tiring though isn't it?  But if your knees r happy, totally worth it!


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