Motivation needed... Help please

I am one week off graduating & I've lost motivation. I want to complete but every day I find a reason not to. Haven't been out for almost 2 weeks. A few probs in personal life have knocked me for six which is one reason I've lost it.another was wanting to lose weight but after many replies on here that isn't very likely by doing running.had 2 weeks hols from work & was off the earlier 2 weeks on jury service so have lost my usual daily routine. Anyway, whatever the reasons.....I've lost it. Help me find it please & reach graduation day x


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10 Replies

  • Don't put yourself under pressure! You've done brilliantly to get so far - this is just a blip. Spring is here, the weather is getting better (maybe!). Just find time to put your trainers on and go for a walk - no pressure! Enjoy feeling active again. If you want to run, jog, trot just do it. Feel how it goes. If you still only want to walk do it again the next time. At some point it will all come back - remember that high after week 5 - the first 20 mins?  It's all still there "banked" in your legs!

    Good luck - we're rooting for you!

  • Go out for a run. You will find your motivation out there. Action precedes motivation.

    And yes running will help you to lose weight. If you look at any issue of Runners World they always have a feature on people who have lost half their bodyweight or something similar after taking up running. Its not just running on its own - what you eat is a major factor, and it doesn't happen in 9 weeks, but it does happen. I have more than halved my bodyfat percentage since starting to run. Finish the programme, and then keep going. You will get there.

  • Get your trainers on, do up the laces and do it. once you get out the front door you will l enjoy and the mojo will be back.

  • Agree with Qscout.  Just do it.  The weight WILL come off soon, but for now, just keep going.  I´ll be looking out for your next post that you´re back on form, so don´t let me down! 

  • Hi there,

    Sorry to hear you have lost your motivation. It happens to all of us---running and life is full of ups and downs.

    I think just go for a run and see how it feels---Don't put yourself under pressure ---just a run for you.

    I find when the going gets tough a run picks me up a lot.

  • Take the advice..go slow, will all follow on. Let your mind run free, thoughts released,listen to the rhythm of your body and the gentle sound of your feet..You are so close. It does not matter how slow you long as you don't stop. Do can🙂

  • Running does get the lard off!  I should know!  I've dumped nearly FIVE STONES.  If folks who run don't lose weight that's because they eat more.  Running makes you hungry but you have to put the right fuel in or you won't lose weight

    If you eat healthily and keep running then you will lose weight, no doubt about it!  YOU have to make the change though. It won't happen if you don't put the work in. 

    The first bits of your body to change when you start running are the fattest bits, eg your bust and your bum.  When my bum fell off I could hardly believe it.  Losing my chest was a bit of a bummer but hey I can take it.  The hip and thigh fat is more stubborn but that went eventually.  

    Things in life like health and wellbeing, getting fit, are worth the investment in your time. These things might not happen over night but they are so worth the effort.  You have to dig in though and never give up.  C25k gives you the tools to start the ball rolling and its up to you to complete the job. There is lots of support here so you won't be on your own

  • And that should be all the inspiration anyone should ever need!!  Take a bow, misswobble!

  • Yes I second what Miss W says 100%

    I have been running for nearly two years and not lost an ounce, in fact I have slowly increased my weight over that time  cos I over ate thinking it would be okay I would run it off - Nope !

    I ditched all the crap end of January and joined Slimming World. Not that you have to join a slimming club, I just found that personally for me ,  going to the weekly classes made me more accountable if you see what I mean.

    I have lost 20.1/2 lbs since then and reached my target weight and feel brilliant !

    You can do this , yes it is hard to keep going , you've just got to dig your heels in and keep plugging away and your hard work, determination and commitment will certainly pay off !

    Good Luck , you are so close now to Graduation.You have come this far, would be a shame to stop now. Just put your gear on and give it a go , you might surprise yourself !

    You can do this ! :-) xxx

  • I'm not losing weight but am losing inches and people keep commenting how great I look.  Keep at it.  Do it for you

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