Persuaded my wife to do a workout with me this morning. As a warmup we did a 1200m run carrying a wallball - 6kg for her, 9 for me. She is now not speaking to me at all. It was pretty good though. There is no comfortable way of carrying an oversized heavyish ball for any distance and your arms get so fatigued so quickly.

Following it up with 50 pike presses, squats and wallballs, 100 pressups, knees to chest, overhead lunges and burpees, a 1500m row, 75 deadlifts, power cleans and rows. May need a divorce lawyer.


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24 Replies

  • Haha! Did she do all of that? Go girl! Competition in the Rignold household. Love it.

  • She did. Scaled down on weights and some of the movements, but pretty much crushed it. While maintaining a withering scowl.

  • Love her already! 

  • Impressive...multi tasking, like only we women can :)

  • I feel slightly unwell at the thought...

  • I'd hate you....................;-)

    Just kidding, well done to you and your lovely wife!  That's bloody great going!

    E xxx

  • The divorce lawyer might not be the worst scenario... at least she didn't kill you. :D

  • She didn't have the strength at the end for violence. If looks could kill, the one i got when i proposed another quick mile run at the end to cool down would have been positively maritoricidal.

  • I wouldn't be speaking to you either! Well done both of you x :-)

  • Oh Rig - you are quite mad and she must be a saint!

  • It won't be today Rig, or tomorrow.......revenge is a dish best served'd better be very nice to her......crazy man!


  • Oh yes... one of my favourite retorts.. he had better watch out!

  • Ha ha ! Yay Go Mrs Rig !

    Yep I agree with Madge , watch your back Rig :-) xxx

  • Good for her! Mr AdventuresInHolland has joined a Crossfit gym too, but if you ever hear I've gone along with him raise the alarm - I'll have been kidnapped!

  • Phew, that's some family. Did she also start just 2 years ago? If that's what you make her do no wonder she packs you off to do cross fit things every week.

    But we know the Rig family love it really!

  • All of the Rignettes are starting CF kids after Easter actually. And not at my behest, I should add. Entirely of their own volition.

  • Blimey, you'll have to invent a competition "Iron families". 

  • 'Wrath of a woman scorned', so I guess, yeah, watch your back 😂

  • The original point of this post was actually to recommend the weight-bearing run, in fact, rather than curry sympathy for Mrs R.

    It is a tremendous stamina-builder. Pick up an object that is not too heavy: you can go down to 3kg if you want. Go for a short run. Dont try to do your normal run distance, just go 800m or 1200m or whatever feels.. well, 'comfortable' is the wrong word, there is nothing comfortable about this run, but 'manageable'. Run a bit slower than your usual 5k pace. Switch the object around as you run: under one arm, under the other, on the shoulder, in front of your chest etc. This will allow you kid yourself you are giving your arms a rest.

    Another option is to do a longer run in pairs or threes and take turns carrying the weight.

    ghastly as it is whle you are doing it, the rewards you will reap in terms will be well worth it.

  • I could do the pick up, bit at the moment..but not the run.. it would have to be a walk..

  • Wow...another awesome Rignold-ette !

  • I started doing the hoovering with wrist weights on. Unfortunately, I don't do the hoovering very often! Well done Mrs Rig ☺ 6kg is heavy!

  • Gives me an opportunity for a joke. You'll remember Only Fools and Horses, and the character Trigger??

    So Trig and his wife go to a divorce lawyer. Mrs Trig goes off on one, and tells the lawyer over and over how cruel Trig is, making her do all this exercise and being so downright competitive. She will not stop, and so eventually, the lawyer gets up from his desk, comes round to Mrs Trig and suddenly kisses her passionately on the lips. Mrs Trig is dumbfounded, and immediately stops complaining. "That is what your wife needs, three times a week," the lawyer says, "do you think you can manage that?"

    "Uh, OK, maybe" says Trig. "I can bring her here on Mondays and Wednesdays, but on Fridays I'll be running."

    The old ones are the best. :-)

  • She'll be too knackered to even call the lawyer......

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