5k challenge

5k challenge

I do not want to be super speedy as distance is more important to me (doing a 10k in June and Half Marathon in September) but around 35 weeks after graduation, 5k is still a challenge.  I have improved my speed from 43 mins at graduation to 34 mins but seem to be stuck there.  It is an ok speed and I seem to have my own pace but it would still be good to go a little faster.  Don't want to injure my legs, might stick to grass while I try!  I am 52, maybe I should just be happy to run?


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  • It's a superb speed Julie!!

    I wish I could do 5k in that time xx

  • I think u r right, I should just keep going at a speed that is comfortable.  I haven't tried to get any faster since graduating, it just happened but guess I put pressure on myself unnecessarily.  Need to keep my legs healthy and enjoy it.  How long have you been running?  Lately, I have been battling with eating more than I should, was doing so well too!  

  • I started C25K in Feb 2015 & graduated in April so a year. My first 5k was nearly 49 mins. My PB to date is 36.15 but on a normal day it's still around the 40 mins mark.

    I probably don't push myself enough tbh. But I guess what's important is that we do what's right for each of us as individuals. There's a quote kicking about that says something about we should only compete with ourselves which I think is a good one to keep in mind.

    You're doing great & will smash your half marathon I'm sure xxx

  • Still amazing I run three times a week, whatever the distance or speed, well done us!  Great that we still kept going even after graduating 😀

  • I think that is a great improvement already and if it happened without you even consciously working on it, I think I would just leave it. Do you use any of the c25k+ podcasts? I do stamina and speed once a week and I think it is making some difference but I expect the way I would get faster is running with others. I ha e two groups in mind but not sure I am ready for them yet. I think I'd leave it as is and work on the longer distances (also because I just like them better though!). You're doing great Joolie. I'm itching to go for my run but waiting for a package to arrive first and everyone else is out.

  • Thanks, I will keep going at a safe and enjoyable speed and stop trying to be a spring chicken!  

  • I have been stuck on the 30, 35, 36 minutes for ages...( Now really stuck, on the IC :))

    Then, sometimes, I have a really good run.. like the one which crocked my knee, and then back to slower.

    Haven't I told you before, you are a mere youngster? :) 

    But, I think you have a point. I am, when I get out again, going to try to keep to the softer surfaces.

    I feel that it is good to challenge ourselves, but only if that is what feels right and in a sensible way,( wry smile).

    The running just for pleasure and joy really appeals to me currently, and I won't be pushing myself for a while.:)

    You, are doing wonderfully! :)

  • Hi Julie, if you want to improve time (though, yours is pretty decent🙂!), then have a look at the 30,20,10 method, originally posted by jj I think. I am going to give this a go although haven't got round to incorporating it yet! What I have found however, is that including hills has really helped my pace when I return to the flat. I seem to be a bit rubbish at them at the moment  but keep on plodding up them anyway! 

  • That's a good time for 5K Joolie but perhaps you're unconsciously not running faster because you don't want to get injured (perfectly understandable!). Are you running speed and intervals? Have you done a parkrun? My best 5K time came after months of running longer distances but at a slow pace. I was at a park run and just went for it so there was a goal there. You're running great distances so be patient and your speed will increase naturally. The further you run the faster you become.

  • Thanks for the ideas but I haven't done intervals since graduation!  To me, walking is a failed run!  It works for me maybe not everyone but I would rather plod on and keep running.  I tried tempo running once, lasted a week, nearly finished my legs off!  As for groups, tried a couple of them but I like to run in the daytime, in the good weather and through the woods and across fields.  I found endless laps of the track in the dark desperately working on speed building and paying four quid was not interesting at all.  The following week they were going to do hill work - running up the car park with a stopwatch - err no thanks!  Happy to run with others but not found a running buddy yet! 

  • I don't walk on intervals either but run very slowly on the recovery bits. Parkruns are free. You just turn up every Saturday morning and run your little socks off and get your time. 


  • That's a good way to do it, might build my stamina, will try it.  I have been to some parkruns, they r great fun!  Thanks

  • I think you should be very happy to be able to do that time!

  • You are right, I will be satisfied!

  • I think that's amazing Julie! You've cut your time down by loads!! I've found that doing the longer runs has helped my 5k time. Now that I can run around 8-10k fairly comfortably, when I went back to the 5k and tried to push it a bit (knowing that I was running for half the distance), I was definitely faster. I've improved my 5k from 35 to 31.39 yesterday (a new PB!) I only have little legs though (I'm not quite 5ft!) so I don't know realistically how much faster I can really get! You're doing brilliantly though. I'm sure more speed will come naturally in time.

  • Wow, well done, great time and reaching 10k, what an achievement.  Think being injury free is something amazing too,miso I will settle a little!  5k is still a great distance though, challenging especially on Mondays!

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