Do you get nauseous towards the end of a run? If so, how can you avoid it?  I do find when I get exhausted towards the end of a run I want to throw up. I usually run on an empty stomach and just a glass of water as I am afraid of needing a pit stop. This morning I had half a dz dates just to have energy but by 4.2k I started feeling funny. I think the sun or heat may have something to do with it. Any interesting idea?


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  • Are you running first thing in the morning? Running on an empty tum sounds a bit dangerous to me, particularly when you are upping your distance. If you run two hours or more after eating, you'll be fine - but makes sure you have something in there - banana, porridge, something that provides slow but constant fuel. Make sure you've drunk something too. It'd be dangerous to faint when running on your own, particularly in your climate. Cover your head, too.  I'd like to be able to drink another tea with you next time you come by, so please look after yourself. Concerned Mum speech *over* .

  • Yes I do run first thing in the morning, at first light or before. Parkrun starts at 8am so I run on empty. 

    I am going to a Funrun  next Sunday starting at 8.20 am. It is 100k away from us so I will try to have a light breakfast two hours before as suggested. 

    Mark your diary for a cup of tea (my shout) in 2018. My husband wants to see most of the FIFA World Cup games (on TV) so we will be down your way, it is difficult here to find a Pub who will show all the games. 

  • Is this the long run you've been training for? Gooooo girl! 

    Great to know you'll be back. Never thought I'd see football in a positive light, but there you go, thank you footie!

  • No it is not the long run I am training for. This one is just 100km down the road. The long run I am training for is 2250km up North where it is warm in winter. I am not doing too well with it I am afraid, I seem to be going backward instead. It is probably just a phase. I will be right.

  • C'mon, you can do it! I've been having motivation problems too. I'm off to buy myself some gold stars to stick on my training plan. Pathetic, but there you go... Whatever works, I'll take!

  • Gold stars.. I like that.

  • Couldn't find any stars, but they had hearts - even better :)

  • 🌟🌟🌟

  • Reading my answer again, I find it a bit vague. It is not a 100km run or a 2250km run, it is the distance to the town where the run is happening.🙄🙄🙄🙄 

  • Try something in the gut. Have read, the exception to not eating a few hours before running is to eat a banana virtually immediately before a run, have seen guys doing this at Parkrun. I always have something inside.

    As for pit stop, try doing the loo business sometime before your run.l always like to make sure I've done this beforehand, sad isn't it lol😀 but I think a good way to go!😀

    Experiment and let us know how it goes NHS..😊

  • I don't eat because I am not hungry really early in the morning and I feel lighter like that.  Once I eat, I feel uncomfortable .  I got my intestines all set up with a timer 😬 . It is mainly drinking water I am worried about. It is easy for a guy to find a tree but us ladies....... So I don't want to drink more than one glass of water. I will try the light eating before.

  • Sorry! Thought you was talking about #2 not water, I do know what your on about now,my wife has the ladies problem with peeing a lot! So, do understand! but I don't like peeing out in the open unless it's absolutely vital! Never have done! 

    As you were feeling sick then surely you need to try and eat something regardless of whether your hungry or not! If just to take away the sick feeling...😖

  • Sun and heat... lovely thought, as I watch the teeming rain and the temperature dropping... :)

    Sorry, not for you though at the moment, and whilst running... I have a cup of tea and two digestive biscuits, and run about half to three quarters of an hour after... I have, also, a half glass of water just before I leave the house.

    I did occasionally get that slight nauseous feeling, after a run when I first started the programme... found sipping a glass of water took it right away.

    Not much help, but hope it sorts for you... I am sure you wear a hat anyway, and slow and steady? :)

  • No, no hat to date. I have a big mop of hair (and a big head) 

  • I have lots of hair..but always wear a hat... summer and winter.. cannot help with the big head... :)

  • Btw how's the dog?☺

  • Just what I was about to ask.  I've been thinking about him over the last couple of days ...

  • My sister has a 12 year old German Shepard cross, she's lovely! (The dog that is, and sis I suppose! lol) and her hind legs are playing up..😢

  • Yes, it happens in big dogs. We had to put down our previous German Shepard when his back legs become paralized. 

  • Thanks useitorloseit, he still can't go upstairs but has a comfi bed downstairs. He is good and actually since this morning has a cheeky grin on his face whenever he is not sleeping.

  • Yippee, just to make me lie, Ben just climbed upstairs. Clever dog ! That's my boy !

  • Ben is getting better, thanks Dave.  He is gingerly using his left side and he is getting there. He has been sleeping most of the time since last Wednesday and I take him for a short walk twice a day to exercise his legs. A couple of time he left side gave up and he fell flat on his face but he is happy. Give it a few more days and he will be as good as rain.

  • I think it can vary from person to person, the guy I trained with when doing c25k said He never ate all before running, as he got a stitch. I tried it and was Nausea's when stopping suddenly after exertion at the finish line at Parkrun, so now always have something and don't have a problem, but it was a very warm morning, so heat could have been a factor..☺

  • That is interesting Dave, i think I will have to work out what is the best for me. Sort of Trial and error. You see when I run at 5 or 6am I am ok, it is only if I run a bit later that I get nausea towards the end of the run so obviously my body needs something by then.

  • Apparently only real runners throw up after a run (so my more experienced friend told me once) so well done you! Seriously though that can't be nice. What length of a run are you talking about? If it's a long one (more than an hour) then maybe you're not eating enough or not eating the right foods or you're not drinking enough water, or maybe too much water (gawd it's a minefield this running thing isn't it?). Pay attention to what you're eating the night before a run too and make sure you're well hydrated. If you run too fast then you can feel sick and that's where the throwing up comes in! But it can't be pleasant. 

  • I will have to review my evening meal as I have always made sure to have a very light meal the evening before a run, like fish and veg or meat and veg. It may not be the right thing to do.

  • For a run of 5k or so, running fasted should not be causing the problem. Are yu running harder/faster than usual? Nausea and actually throwing up is a not uncommon phenomenon with high intensity exercise. At Crossfit you get a 'Pukey the Clown' t-shirt if you throw up and carry on with the workout. I have seen lots of runners hurl after sprint finishes on longer races and after challenging obstacles on OCRs. That's not to recommend it, I should hasten to add. But really, do not try to cure it by adding more food into your stomach. That will only exacerbate the issue.

    If you want to understand teh sciencey bit of it this is a really interesting paper: Exercise-induced nausea is exaggerated by eating:

  • Thanks for this Rig. I don't think I overdo exercise although it could be classified as too much considering my age? 

    This article gives me a lot of things to think about. It makes sense if food is just on the way down that it may want to come up. Sort of too close from the entry point. I will have to strike a good medium. Meaning perhaps having A small snack but early enough to digest it before the run so it does not come up again? Our evening meal is around 5.30pm so a big gap before breakfast. It is ok for me to run at 5 or 6am but 8 or 9am perhaps gives me too wide a gap without nutrition. Don't know. I will have to experiment.

  • I tend to run first thing & normally with only a coffee to fuel me. If I'm doing more than 5k then i try to have half a  banana (or a whole one if its wee).

    I had a couple of bits of toast this morning and waited about an hour and a quarter and honestly felt pukey all the way along. I didn't but certainly felt it.

    We're all different. Could it just be dehydration more than anything?? X

  • The problem with me and bananas is that I love them and eat more than I should in a day. I need more discipline. It is hard when those little gremlins tell you "come on, have another one, enjoy it while you can..."

    Dehydration is a good point.

  • If I'm only running for 5k or so, I go out on a glass of water and a cup of coffee.  If it's longer than that, I have a small piece of cheese early enough before I go that it can settle before I start running.  Those processed slices work well for me - Leerdammer or Jarlsberg, if you know them?  The other thing is that as the runs get longer I eat more the evening before.

    Regarding needing a wee, if I'm running in the country for longer runs I take a SheWee with me :D

    I hope you can find what works for you.

  • Thanks Annie. This morning I forgot to drink a glass of water. 6am, a touch foggy and humid (I don't do humid) and by the time I reached 2.5k I felt a bit nausea. Therefore water is a must. And I love Jarlsberg.

    Thank you for your tips

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