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Too fast too soon

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Hi all, I've just finished run 1 week 9. I struggled towards the end of the run but I think it's because I'm going too fast at the beginning. I'm finding it quite difficult to find the correct pace, but hey it's early days in my new life as a runner, I'm sure I'll get there.

24 Replies
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Yes it is tricky to get it right but we say all the time that for this programme the only way is SLOW

There is absolutely no need to hurry. Slow gets you where you want to go 🙂👍

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If you listen to the original podcasts they have terrible music that helps you run at a reasonable pace. Try to run at a speed where you can talk. That does seem impossible to most new runners, but is something you should aim at for the majority of your runs once you graduate, so definitely worth practising now.

But well done you - you ran for 30 minutes :)

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The important thing is you are completing the runs. The more you run the stronger you become and the more experience you get the better you will be able to judge your pace.

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Try MapMyRun or something similar , you can get the split times for each km and know how fast you are going.

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As soon as you finish a run jot down what you can remember of how you felt throughout the run. As you settled into your pace in the first 10 minutes or so, how did you feel? Were you starting to breathe pretty fast? Ideally you should start by running a bit slower than you think you ought to, and you should be able to talk in full, coherent sentences. If you're running by yourself you can develop a nice persona as the local eccentric runner by trying this; if you wear a silly hat so much the better :)

After the first 10, if you find you have settled nicely into a rhythm, you can think about maybe picking up the pace a bit. Then either stick with that if you can, but if you feel like it (maybe after some practice), push yourself further, and you may like to try a sprint for the last minute or so. Looking at your stats I reckon you've got it in you :) But as others have said, there's no rush - the main thing is to enjoy your exercise, because then you'll want to keep doing it!

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Wow Martin??!!! well done, I'm dead proud of you!!! And 6.5k??!!! you are turning into a machine!!!! Martin the Machine....has a certain ring to it!!

I smell polish......fantabulous fella!!!

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Martin_RoseGraduate in reply to Mummycav

Thank you. XxX

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Well done Martin 😊..

Ha, you are smashing it...when you only need to gently squeeze it to a pulp 😉..

A brilliant run, but as far as pace and struggling at the end I agree with the other replies, it is better to start your run slowly for the first 10 mins or so. During the first few mins your body needs to take on enough oxygen to cope with the exertion of running and this can take up to 10 mins, you should then feel the difference and relax as your blood is filled with oxygen and you are working aerobically. Sorry if you already know this, but I found it helped me, as it feels a bit silly starting out so slowly and now it makes sense to do it.

Good luck with W9 R2😊x

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Martin_RoseGraduate in reply to Bluebirdrunner

Thanks Jan, I didn't know that, very interesting

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As misswobble says.... it is tricky... just slow down and enjoy the view as you head towards the podium:)

I have one particular ABBA track that really slows me down....:) A bit like an RAF March in slow time.. only running :)

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MrsT82 in reply to Oldfloss

There isn't much of a view in Little Hulton :)

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In time you will find that your slowest split is your first. There is no point pushing hard in the first few minutes, when your body has not sorted out oxygen demands.

Negative splits.........faster second half is the way to go.

I think

I might know what you are aiming for Martin.

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Martin_RoseGraduate in reply to IannodaTruffe

Thanks, I'm definitely going slow at the start of my next one.

Still speedy Gonzales.... just rein in that horsepower at the beginning...

I don't know the best way but when I used to get out of sync when running too fast up the hills, I started tiptoe running, which after 7/8 paces slowed me down.

I am not suggesting you do tiptoe running that's my own madness, but what do you do when transitioning from the run to the walk interval, maybe that method will slow that early pace down... or go to and put in a slower pace than you actually run and get the matching music...

Either way you're doing brilliant....

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You need to start on Hilton Lane! No way you can go too fast up that hill! Ha ha. Seriously though, I can see what others are saying about speaking in sentences. I am no way near as quick as you but I don't think I could speak, or even want to speak. Strava tells me my workouts are 'tough' based on my heart rate but I find it pretty comfortable to do that so I am happy to carry on as I am. However, I do always seem to struggle with that first increase in time. You have added a further 2 minutes. That is amazing! I think you do know what you need to do, maybe find some slow paced music for the start of your run? Or try counting at a pace you think is slow enough?

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Martin_RoseGraduate in reply to MrsT82

I will be doing my run down the bankings tomorrow, slowly.

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MrsT82 in reply to Martin_Rose

I am not rave enough to run down there. Especially now it is getting darker again. Although I am working at home today so doing my run at lunch time again so will be day light. But I have found my route now and until 6.59km becomes too short a route I am sticking to it :)

It is amazing how far you can get in 30 mins though isn't it? My run starts at Harrop Fold, up to the top then across to Walkden, right down to the Lancs, up Newearth past the school and I stop at the lights for the bus lane! I love it!

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Martin_RoseGraduate in reply to MrsT82

That's brilliant, such a long way, I'm doing my first park run next Saturday, really looking forward to it.

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MrsT82 in reply to Martin_Rose

Next Saturday as in the 30th? I think you said you couldn't do 23rd. I am planning on going this Saturday again. I loved it. Worked out really well as I was back in time to help out at swimming too.

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Martin_RoseGraduate in reply to MrsT82

Yeah, 30th, Mrs going away this weekend, where does Erica have her swimming lesson? The girl I'm caring for goes to total fitness on Saturday morning's.

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MrsT82 in reply to Martin_Rose

She goes to Worsley Pool. She has been going there since she was 3 :) I love TF, bit out of my price range for myself though, hence taking up C25k :)

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Martin_RoseGraduate in reply to MrsT82

Me too.

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MrsT82 in reply to Martin_Rose

Well I may see you at PR on 30th. :)

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Martin_RoseGraduate in reply to MrsT82

That would be very nice.

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