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Well, after 3 rest days due to family commitments I thought this would be tough, it was! But not as bad as I thought. Seem to find my thoughts drifting while running, away from focusing on my legs, lungs or heart etc which is great as before you know it Laura's telling me to walk! Looking at W4 I admit looks a bit daunting. I Don't feel ready but I've said that before now! :) 

Some intervals my lungs cry for help and other times my legs are giving out before my lungs...... No consistency here :)  

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You are doing so well.... Think how far you have come and the progress you have made in loads of ways :)

Focus on the now...not the next..it will follow on and you will do it... !!!!!


Don't  worry Mr Mannering...

The plan is designed to be just hard enough to push you but not be impossible. The breathing will become easier in a couple of weeks time. 

At the moment it sounds like you are sometimes feeling 'yes I am running and it feels ok' which is then replaced by fatigue as you lose your puff.

We all felt like this and you CAN push through it and concentrate on completing the run time...

You are doing great and don't  worry about Week 4 you will be fine,  honestly.

Always start each run slowly you can give a bit extra at the end if you have the energy.

Good luck 😊


Like Floss says, I wouldn't think ahead too much. It is coming together, isn't it? You can do more than you could in w1r1. Try and trust the programme (hard I know!). I'm 100% sure we will see you graduate if you can just persevere, doing what you have been doing. I found you get more puff as you move along week by week but aching legs can hit you any run and that's when you have to be determined. You can do this. Well you ARE doing it! Roll on week 4!


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