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Stepping stones - something else to learn

I tried the stepping stones podcast this morning and couldn't really get to grips with it. It was too fast for me (although runkeeper says I run at that pace) and I walked far too often for my taste. Managed 5 km in 39 minutes, which is not brilliant, but today the power was missing. 

Thinking about it there could be a number of reasons:

I'm carrying a couple of kilos extra weight and feeling sluggish after the excesses of Easter

I haven't yet completely adapted to the clocks going forward. Running at 6am seemed very strenuous this morning and I hadn't slept too well (back to work today)

Yesterday I let myself be led astray by my bicycle. The weather in Munich was lovely, it wasn't a running day and my bike called to me. I haven't been on it regularly in about 5 years (the odd excursion now and then) and it was supposed to be a test-ride. Ha, ha. Headed out to a lake about 10 km away and then thought I'd go on to another lake about 4 k further on (there are about 30 lakes within a radius of 30 km from where I live - and I haven't visited some of them for a long time!). But some farmer had blocked off the route I used to take and I ended up somewhere else. The somewhere else was also rather pretty, so I cycled around a few old familiar paths and then headed back via gravel tracks (and another lake!) back home. The last 5 k were slow and I was a bit wobbly when I climbed off my trusty steed! My knees were also quite sore and I feared I may have done some damage and wouldn't be able to run. But running uses different muscles obviously because there were no protests from my legs this morning. It won't have helped my stamina this morning though. Lesson learned - use the gears more!

And the final reason, I hadn't eaten much yesterday (got to get rid of these kilos somehow and intermittent fasting helps). 

There's a lot to learn about this running business and still so much to experiment with!

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I like the sound of your bike ride!  I also have a severely underused bike in a shed outside..... maybe I will get it out now the clocks have gone forward and we have light evenings..... London not a nice place to cycle though


That's one really good thing about Germany, they have an excellent system of cycle paths. And Bavaria is such a beautiful place. About 10 years ago I was well into cycling and explored for miles around (the most was 60k one Sunday morning). It was really nice to see some of the old routes again and I will definitely be trying to build up my stamina once more. 

It's going to be a sporty summer!

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So have I!

The Stepping Stones podcasts should be persevered with, as they take practice but will do you good.  Like everything else they take practice, and will bring your running on really well, so don't give up too easily.

Biking will be a great cross training for you!  Well done for you for getting out and chewing up some miles and calories.  Don't be too mad on the fasting as you need to keep up your stamina!

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How long is it since you graduated? Have you done your. 6 weeks consolidation?


That's a new one - 6 weeks consolidation? I'm consolidating in that I try to run 3x a week either 1/2 an hour or 5 k (preferably the latter). One of those runs is longer (slow and steady weekend enjoyment). Rest days see me walking and doing strength and flex. I walk a lot, minimum 11 k a day and have done for over a year - I think that's part of the reason I had no real problems with c25k. But only graduated March 1 - so no, 6 weeks consolidation is not yet completed. The bike ride was extra, somewhat foolish, but it reminded me of what I used to love doing. 


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